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The Last of Us Jeopardy Question Pops Up in Recent Episode

Jeopardy recently aired its College Jeopardy Semi-finals. One section of possible questions was devoted to video games. Interestingly, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us received a shoutout.

For the chance at a $2,000 bump, one contestant selected a video game question, resulting in Alex Trebek posing, “the long awaited upcoming sequel to this PlayStation game revisits Ellie and Joel after a cross-country trek filled with zombies…” Of course, the correct response was “What is The Last of Us?” It’s an awesome nod, even if Jeopardy did get the “zombie” bit technically wrong.

A fan captured the moment on their TV, then shared the video on Twitter. Naughty Dog VP and TLoU co-creator Neil Druckmann retweeted the post with a response of his own. Check it out below:

Another PlayStation exclusive received a nod on Jeopardy last summer. In July 2019, a contestant added $800 to her tally after correctly answering a question about Marvel’s Spider-Man and PlayStation 4.

For now, The Last of Us fans patiently await an update on The Last of Us Part II’s release. Earlier this month, Sony announced that releases for Naughty Dog’s latest and Marvel’s Iron Man VR would be put on hold until further notice. Such a difficult decision was made due to coronavirus-related logistical issues. It remains to be seen if Sony’s other big title, Ghost of Tsushima, will receive a similar push.

The company seems rather certain the forthcoming holiday launch for PlayStation 5 won’t be affected by the ongoing pandemic. Still, a few other external and internal issues may impact PS5’s release in some capacity. According to a recent Bloomberg report, sources familiar with Sony’s supply chain claim that only limited quantities of the next-gen hardware will be available at launch. Sony itself has yet to corroborate said claims.

[Source: Jeopardy via Twitter]

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