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Destiny Drunk Rumble Challenge – The Dream Team (Funny Gaming Moments)

Welcome to the Dream Team, a hand picked team of elite destiny players, tasked with one simple task… Mess up their controls as much as possible and fight!


33 thoughts on “Destiny Drunk Rumble Challenge – The Dream Team (Funny Gaming Moments)

  1. NatureXwars Reply

    I play with cold shoulder & swapped triggers/bumpers for that classic Call of Duty layout. I’m never going to switch over to shooting with controller triggers.

  2. Azrael Selvmord Reply

    I always play on "Cold Shoulder" it's the exact same as CoD controls. I do that so I can easily switch back and fourth at ease. I'm fine with L1/LB being player highlight because I never highlight anyone and I never throw nonlethals in CoD because I never have one equipped.

  3. DarkdrakeX Reply

    The best way to explain this after trying it myself is picture driving but the break turns the car right accelerator turns left
    turning right with the wheel is brake and turning left is accelerate

  4. Gma # Reply

    MR FRUIT I GOT A CHALLENGE FOR YA play on lowest sensitivity in a game of rumble BTW wanna play a private match I'm looking 386 light BTW I'm a boy and im on my grandmothers phone my gamer tag is Swapme323

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