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Destiny Khvostov Takeover – The Dream Team (Funny Gaming Moments)

Welcome to the Dream Team, a hand picked team of elite destiny players, tasked with one simple task… Takeover Mr. Fruit’s channel while he’s gone.


21 thoughts on “Destiny Khvostov Takeover – The Dream Team (Funny Gaming Moments)

  1. tinroofy Reply

    Mr.Fruit teach me how to be the bes-NOPE ITS RHAB TEACH ME HOW TO BE THE BEST-NOT AT ALL ITS BLUE HERE-hey blue fight me kid-no lets both teach em-good idea

  2. Prairie Farmer Reply

    Mr Fruit! You should redo this challenge. Except do it with the exotic Khvostov. The challenge will be you, blue, and he who shall not be named go into skirmish, and are only allowed to use the Khvostov (no secondary, or heavy.) grenades, melees and super are allowed. You must win the game with each of you earning a KD of 1.2 or higher. Good luck!

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