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DESTINY Nightfall Luck? (Darkblade) Funny Gaming Moments

Mr. Fruit embarks into the scary and unknown world of PvE with this weeks nightfall! ▻ 100K Global: http://bit.ly/1M706RX ▻ 200K Global: http://bit.ly/1VgHbWj …


46 thoughts on “DESTINY Nightfall Luck? (Darkblade) Funny Gaming Moments

  1. Mars Bars Reply

    Hahaha that part when mega quack left because no one would revive him then came back just to be with the same fire team again made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Rarted Kat Reply

    I'm lucky with some strikes. I got the DLC and got the Darkblade helm 2nd time, got a Grasp of Malok 4th time, Barons ambition ?? time, Cloak of Taniks?? time, and Hood of Malok 5th time, Stolen Will 3rd time. Easiest strike exclusive for me is the Treads Upon Stars from Valus Ta'aurc. I use them for upgrade fuel.

  3. Lou Cotton Reply

    I have no idea why, but I never get green guns ( uncommon ) in destiny anymore. I'm level 40 and they never drop. Not that I want one anyway, but I see other people get them on a daily basis

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