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DESTINY Unbroken Iron Banner (The Taken King Edition) Funny Gaming Moments

The Iron Banner has made it’s first return since the launch of TTK, how is the meta? Are thorns ruining your life? Is Mr. Fruit going too ham? ▻ Subscribe: …


50 thoughts on “DESTINY Unbroken Iron Banner (The Taken King Edition) Funny Gaming Moments

  1. Varthix Reply

    They can balance and rebalance the weapons all they want. As long as the Warlock class is untouched, this game will never be truly balanced.

  2. Spartucus101 Reply

    Really the only reason red death is such a pain in the ass is this games lazy lack of bullet time. Only Fusion rifles have it. Witch means they are capable of programming it into the game. BUUTTTT….bullet time would expose the GOD awful A.I and pathing in PVE. Sad really. That the mutli player will always be face roll pre-fire shot gun fests since using the environment is basically pointless.

  3. multidinero Reply

    You have a ruin wake, Mr. Fruit. Boost it up! It's a solid machine gun. I just noticed that you have 2 Ruin Wakes… no excuse for still using that trash heavy!

  4. Nike Raikage Reply

    I saw a guy get a seventh column with a sunbreaker yet ppl are fucking hating on my shotgun? He got a SEVENTH COLUMN with it, most of you prob dont even know what that is.

  5. G3nesis Reply

    Hahahaha good video . Against 6 sun breaker. I felt bad for that team cause I experienced it too. I spent most of my time running away from sun breaker.

  6. Sir Chungalot Reply

    ▄▄██▌█ ░░———–The reptilian army van————░░░ ▐
    ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░———-J O I N – U S -………HISSSSS————░ ▐

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