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GTA 5: ONLINE (PS4) | MADNESS RUNS DEEP (Funny Gaming Moments)

Make sure to leave a like if you want to see more GTA 5! People in the video: Entoan: http://www.youtube.com/entoanthepack Max: …


21 thoughts on “GTA 5: ONLINE (PS4) | MADNESS RUNS DEEP (Funny Gaming Moments)

  1. NashYaBoy Reply

    I have a madness!! Not sure what's coming over me!!!

    Eh.. Probably just the herpes acting up again.. Anywho..

    Tomato, the quality of your vids get better and better by the day.. You are working harder than people with 500,000 heck.. Even a million! Hard work pays off in the end.. And we have a long way to get to the end tomato! Keep on rolling!

  2. ohmylastarra Reply

    I was dying laughing the entire video… XDD Favorite part: 3:35

    Tomato: Oh. You have your Serial Killer mask out, why ? :/
    Max: Did that answer your question..? :3 (Dick)
    Holy shit man, Now Entoan has the Mountain Madness :OOOO 

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