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Krew's Funniest Gaming Moments of 2019

What a great year it’s been and that’s all thanks to you. You’ve changed our lives forever and we can’t ever thank you enough. Happy new year everyone!


30 thoughts on “Krew's Funniest Gaming Moments of 2019

  1. It’s Allison Reply

    little did we know that the world was going to turn upside down in 2020. btw i am watching this in 2020 so ya lol! and Funneh can i PLEASE get a pinned comment that would be AMAZING

  2. Katie French Reply

    NO… YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME… I've watched almost all your videos and I've been watching since I was 5 and now I'm 8. You even made me choke out of laughing. Hope you stay safe and NEVER stop making videos. I also have game suggestion it's called ultimate forest simulater there's no multiplayer but still, it also costs $ 0.99 please play it

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