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21 Best Nintendo Switch Games 2019-2020 (Year 3)

2019 was a particularly spicy year for the Switch, but which games were the best? This list should help you out! Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review: …


45 thoughts on “21 Best Nintendo Switch Games 2019-2020 (Year 3)

  1. George Andreas Reply

    May come as a bit of a shock to you… but I follow your channel and I helped create several of the games you have behind you on the TV (Banjo Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing) 👍

  2. Siegfried Cortes Reply

    I love he says Best Nintendo Switch Games 2019-2020 and finishes pokemon Sword & Shield reviews trying so hard to defend it as passable game. I grew up in pokemon since pokemon Red, never have I quit a game after it's 1st boss battle until I faced Milo, then the ultraman gameplay took away every freedom on how to play a game in me

  3. David Townsend Reply

    My top 10 games, indie and AAA.
    1. darksouls
    3. Stardewvalley
    4. Super smash bros ult
    5. Fire emblem 3 houses
    6. Ass. Creed. Rebel
    7. Saints row 4.
    8. Doom 2016
    9. Witcher 3
    10. Borderlands leg. Coll.
    Honorable mention : shovel knight. Deadcells. Astral chains, botw, marionaker 2, and any other on other 2 lists I posted(top AAA games and top INDIE games.)

  4. David Townsend Reply

    My top INDIE games on switch
    1. Wargroove
    2. Hollowknight
    3. Shovelknight treasure trove.
    4. Stardew valley
    5. Deadcells
    6.hotline miami collection
    7. Katana zero
    8. Mummy remastered
    9. Salt and sanctuary
    10. The messenger
    Honorable mentions:terraria, legends ofamber land, originally and blind forest, bug fables, celeste. Undertale.

  5. David Townsend Reply

    My top AAA games and ports to own for switch
    1. Darksouls
    2. Super smash bros ult.
    3. Fire emblem 3 houses
    4. The witcher 3
    5. Zelda : BotW
    6. Astral chains
    7. Borderlands leg coll.
    8. Saints row 4
    9. Doom 2016
    10. Assassins creed rebel collection
    Honorable mentions : mariomaker 2, diablo 3, skyrim, wolfenstien 2,

  6. SBONFYE Reply

    your list was horrible and uninspiring ..most of these games lo9ok like there are straight from my iPhone..most def didn't upsell me in the switch

  7. Paladin Leeroy Reply

    I don't even own a switch, I am just here to look if there is any reason to save up for a switch+procontroller+games.

    Astral Chain does look interesting but the rest seemed meh. I'll hold off for now… Maybe in a sale and if it comes with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  8. FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network Reply

    It’s not been the same since Castlevania left Nintendo and gotten obscure uncool and ultimately rather rare.
    The same thing can be said of the Tmnt.
    As for Zelda and the Switch:

    Zelda I,
    Zelda II,
    Zelda III.

    Link’s Awakening,
    Hyrule Warriors,
    Breath of the Wild.

    That’s it!

    No Link Between Worlds,
    No Twilight Princess,
    No Majora’s Mask,
    No Ocarina of Time,
    No Wind Waker,
    No Skyward Sword,
    No Spirit Tracks,
    No Phantom Hourglass,
    No Oracle of Seasons/Ages!

    But also, where’s Ninja Gaiden, and Tenku Shadow Warriors? That’s sad, all these were my favorites!

  9. Jason Huang Reply

    The only game I’ve played religiously has been Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Surprised it wasn’t on this list honestly lmao I really gotta try some of these other games! Thanks for sharing your opinion! 😆

  10. Scarlet Reply

    I love Ori & Blind Forest and I was so happy to have it on the Switch. I don't even really like platformers usually but there is something so special about Ori. It's actually very difficult at times but also has beautiful visuals, music & story

  11. Bitplex Reply

    Nintendo life, you know better than to assume we all watch YouTube on our computer monitors at 60fps. The vast majority of video consumption globally is on mobile phones (in the 90 percentile range). Most people are watching this at 30fps, and a proportion of those people own the shitty mid-range iPhones that doesn't even have a 1080 capable screen.

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