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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth PC Game Review

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43 thoughts on “Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth PC Game Review

  1. DJ R@DEON Reply

    Playing on an older back up rig, Intel Core 2 Quad 9650 and Windows 10 64 bit and Nvidia gtx 950. Havent used the hacked exe or patch yet. Have not had any lock ups yet. Is there a game breaking bug coming at the end?

  2. Splotch the Cat-Thing Reply

    Certainly looks interesting…

    Personally would love to see a game based on "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". The way that story is set up would probably translate pretty well to a game, which is fairly unique out of Lovecraft's writings.

  3. Jose Molina Reply

    I think the correct pronounciation of Cthulhu is Kae-Hoo-Loo, but dont' worry, I mispronounce the name myself sometimes. The T is silent, but if pronounced correctly, it creates an impression there is a T sound.

  4. sandeep tyagi Reply

    Played it a couple of years ago, but man this game is a masterpiece. It has many bugs, but as a horror game and story wise, this is a must play game even today. If any horror game that needs to be remastered or remade….it is this game

  5. Siv Jensen Reply

    I like the clunky shooter bit. It's just a distraction from the plot but it reminds you that you aren't a one man army, just an average detective that's been dropped into hell. I like not feeling like I have a Serious Sam arsenal.

  6. ColdSpoon Reply

    Just gotta say, you don't actually need the patch to fix the bugs, just simply set the two exe files to work in compatability with Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and no bugs will appear. However it can still crash.

  7. herohunter81 Reply

    I was having a blast on Xbox until I was on the ship trying to fire at something. I can’t see what to shoot at. It’s a glitch that was patched on PC. It’s a shame. I really want to finish it still.

  8. Triangles Tri Reply

    I loved This game, it was first time I took liking into mythos, slowly searched internet back then and found books about Cthulhu and H.P Lovecraft ! except the clucnky controls, gameplay and atmosphere was fantastic ! still have my XBOX copy of it in amazing condition 😀
    i remember the developers had multiple LoveCraftian games in developement but eventually PS2 version of DCOE was cancelled along with other projects .

  9. Jarred Geis Reply

    I played this game a few years ago. after the hotel escape sequence, when you get done the sneaking, and are riding on the back of a pickup truck getting shot at – i literally could not get past that level. i spent hours on end trying and eventually gave up. I figured if the rest of the game was going to be that difficult it wasn't worth playing. now im thinking i should give it another shot.

  10. StopFlaggingVideos Reply

    This game still freaks me the fuck out and keeps me uneasy. In most games if you discover a mutilated corpse youd say oh that's pretty brutal…and then search the room without ever thinking about the corpse again. There was that one womans hanging corpse that bothered me so much I could never stay near it. The sewers unnerved me because of the visions of the dead little girl who wasnt even really there.

    But by far the worst were the flying polyps. That entire sequence terrifies me; the deep evil places of the earth, the howling wind and pitch dark pits, those horrible creatures that were meant to be sealed away…its part of why I cant return to the game, it bothers me that much

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