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Call of Duty PC Game Review

Call of Duty is a 2003 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game simulates the infantry and combined …


22 thoughts on “Call of Duty PC Game Review

  1. yasser bnomar Reply

    For of thos who says video games teachs you nothing i learned most of the History about WW2 from this awesome games even better than History lessons in High School and i masterd all of my english from video games i'm an Algerian by the way

  2. Big Boss Reply

    This,COD2 and MOHA: Pacific Assault are my go-to WW2 experience games. You have the European theater,African,and Pacific in one package.What a steal.Also,the United Offensive expansion was great.

  3. Lasvegasman Reply

    Im a 20 years old, basically a zoomer, but I still prefer CoD1 over CoD2 because of so many memorable moments in missions. Every mission there was brilliant, CoD2 was kinda repetitive in that term

  4. Ostego Lectric Reply

    I remember when MoH released the same thing year after year after year, then CoD came along and revitalized the FPS genre and showed MoH what it was all about… Then it became the replacement for MoH releasing the same thing year after year after year. I stopped being interested in the CoD games after I played CoD 2. I tried a few of the modern ones here and there, and wow it was really sad to see what happened to the franchise.

  5. Sorvos Reply

    No disrespect, man, but it is beyond my comprehension how can someone like Call of Duty 1 and say Call of Duty: United Offensive is a "hit and miss" game… If you think it has some difficult sections (I agree the American campaign can get brutal, at times), why can't you just play on a lower difficulty level? Do you always have to play on the highest difficulty? For what? To be frustrated? After all, you kept saying it is important to have fun while playing a video game, which is entirely true. Also, how can you say someone will be bored when they get to the Russian campaign? This is a 6-7 hours game, for crying out loud. Both the American and British campaigns are very good. The Russian one has a lot of scenery, true.

  6. Scorch0017 Reply

    What? Unlike United Offensive , the Soviet campaign here are the total borefest and just show, that the devs either run out of time and money or just creativity. After the heavily scripted landing in Stalingrad it's just a nonstop boring shooting gallery in a lazily drawn locations, which looks all the same, be it Stalingrad, Warsaw or Berlin. And you just can't take seriously that pathetic assault of a tiny dollhouse Reihstag, where five Red Army soldiers and two tanks fight with fifteen germans.

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