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Condemned: Criminal Origins PC Game Review

THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS — YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED* Condemned: Criminal Origins (known in Japan as Condemned: Psycho Crime and in …


30 thoughts on “Condemned: Criminal Origins PC Game Review

  1. Christian Thaysen Reply

    totally disagree—loved the first one, also digged the second. endings were a bit "strange" for sure, but what good gameplay! What good horror! Bioshoch 1 is the only one that compares.

  2. Mecha Dragon Reply

    I know it may be too late, but just so you all know the achievements in-game unlock behind the scenes content. Simply go to the achievements and hit enter on each one. It varies from artwork and early game play video. I have had this game forever and just found this.

  3. Ekim Temen Reply

    "Unarmed thugs"
    >thugs coming at you with planks, pipes, and other assorted melee weapons that can very easily kill you or leave you with permanent bodily injuries

    Seems legit.

  4. Hawk Guy Reply

    This game is my no 1 scariest game. I'm glad you highlighted the fact that it doesn't rely on cheap jump scares for its horror. But the fact that every environment is so damn creepy and unsettling. The atmosphere in this game is so good at what it does.

    One of my favorite moment is when you're in the mall and the mannequins standing around start moving and then you realize they're actually crazy people. I remember after that I took a swing at every mannequin I saw just to make sure lol.

  5. Alucards Kingdom Reply

    Never played the first one, but the second one was a blast! That level with the bear scared the shit out of me when I was younger..completing it rewarded you with infinite ammo, awesome

  6. St. Haborym Reply

    This was a pretty good game. Shame they never ported 2 to pc tho.

    The fact that the game wanted you to zoom in on the face of the supposedly dead guy made it pretty obvious that they were gonna jump scare you.

  7. ?? Reply

    By far, one of my all time favorite games was Condemned 2. I haven't played the first one yet (Criminal Origins) but I'm buying it from the Marketplace now. I really wish they would make the sequel backwards compatible bc it really is such an incredible game.

  8. MB Reply

    This is the most disturbing game I have ever played. Not one of those cool scary games… It was a no bullshit creepy game,the best horror type game I have played.

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