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Crysis 2 PC Game Review – Maximum Sequel

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20 thoughts on “Crysis 2 PC Game Review – Maximum Sequel

  1. Nguyenle Quangdinh Reply

    crysis 2 ai was much better than crysis 1 in my opinion
    instead of them al just go alert just because of some sound
    and one thing funny about the game is when i grab enemy i some how glitch and make them either die standing like they had no animation or throw them so hard that they dissapeared
    and the weapons are the most fun to use like the k volt i used for every level when i finally got it

  2. Krzysztof Grabiński Reply

    Crysis 2 had some great improvements in gameplay (i.e. I wish Crysis 1 had nanosuit from pt.2), but there were few things I was disappointed with: 1. restraints in weapon modification (Crysis 1 had no limits, could even put a scope on a shotgun, if desired), 2. too linear maps and 3. Very little destructable enviornment (only concrete barriers?). Beside that it was fun.

  3. Aurora Solaris Reply

    For me: best entry in entire frachaise. Also strangely it is the only FPS i have finished more than 3 times in my life… my current playthrough was… 9th. Game just feels like a really pumped-up action movie, especially considered soundtrack that is an absolute masterpiece.

    To this day I regret only one thing about Crysis 2: I finished it before release due to huge alpha-version leak that somehow happened. That version was so buggy and i really started to appreciate that game on my 2nd try.

  4. Lucios1995 Reply

    5:49 T-Pose!

    There's a stealth Ceph which shows up in a catacomb to tease you, i suppose. If you're fast enough to kill him, you can get 5000 points quite early in the game. They're so goddamn stingy with points otherwise that i'd say it's mandatory.

  5. Max Randelle Reply

    Hey, can someone tell me how to unlock the DX11 and High Res Textures in settings?
    I have my original PC DVD-ROM Limited Edition copy and the v1.9 patch still works but I can't get DX11 or High Res Textures.
    I need help, please.

  6. LNightLock Reply

    The reason I love crysis 1 and warhead the best out of the series is because of how non linear they are, the amount of shit you can do in crysis 1 especially is so much more immersive than crysis 2 or 3.

  7. mrcheesemunch Reply

    I want more FPS games that make me feel powerful like this. You always feel like either you're pathetic and weak or you're a total God who has no chance of failure.

    The Crysis games were always good at making you feel like a powerful warrior….who is still human underneath. You can act as a total badass but you still have to take care of yourself. Awesome balance.

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