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Doom: The Board Game Review

Doom: The Board Game Review Intro (00:00); game overview (01:07); final thoughts and review (17:15); Doom: The Board Game …


20 thoughts on “Doom: The Board Game Review

  1. leshtricity Reply

    still have the original Doom board game from 2003; this looks like an improvement, and that old copy is falling apart from years of use. thanks for the video and keep up the great work!

  2. James C. Reply

    Hey Joel, I am taking a really hard look at this game and thinking about pulling the trigger on a purchase. What scale are the minis? I know 28mm is the old standard with some companies promoting 32mm as "Heroic Scale" but the newest trend seems to be pushing 40mm on tabletop skirmish games. I'm really hoping for the latter in the Doom game so I can use the miniatures in my 40mm Savage Rifts rpg but if the Doom minis are 28mm, do you think they would still work on a table with 40mm humans? How tall is the Baron of Hell miniature; he is one of the main villains in my campaign so it would be nice to drop him on the table. And apologies for my being all over the place here. I'm running on very little sleep and still working on my first cup of coffee.

  3. Leonardo Augusto Reply

    This looks to be the only one vs all game that allow the overlord to go all in

    Decent, imperial assault, they always feel like the overlord has to hold up a little, let the other players have fun, but the overlord ends up only conducting the game, and we already have RPGs for that IMO

  4. Woltergeist Reply

    I made this game into a euro style shooter by introducing the following house rules:
    Players play with the top card of their decks revealed (face up)
    When a defending player uses a card for defense it goes to the hand of that player after which this player discards a card of choice
    Activation order is revealed at the start of the rond
    Whenever a figure is stunned it activates last during a round

  5. The Good Rogue Reply

    Tell me – is how the game flows any different from the original Doom: The Boardgame? If yes, then which one, in your opinion, is better?

    Also, does the map you've demonstrated consist of all the pieces to be found in the box or are there any more?

  6. Jamie Price Reply

    Your review influenced my purchase yesterday and we played it tonight – me, my son, and two of his friends at his New Years sleepover. Had a blast. Easy enough to learn the rules and teach 13 year olds in few hours. Such fun watching them work together and scheme to fight off the demonic hordes. And they won! By the skin of their teeth (and maybe me giving them a few freebies). But they won and were ecstatic. I can see this being played a lot more In the future. Really good game. Well balanced and a ton of fun.

  7. William Wilson Reply

    This is a great review, since I am getting enough money from gifts to buy this. I tried to save enough to buy the original, but so expensive. I love the DooM universe, had my PS3 not die, I would still be playing DooM 3: BFG edition.

  8. Ben Foster Reply

    I enjoy miniature wargames, etc, but when it comes to combat board games like this, I want them to be pick up and play, smash and grab type affairs. This seems like a fun bloodbath.

  9. Will Baker Reply

    Better than Conan!? LOL! Got to play this at BGG con and thought it was fun. Just be warned the game can go very long and there is a lot of downtime between turns.

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