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ELEX | Game Review

Elex had received quite a bashing from some reviewers. I decided to play the game for myself and here are my thoughts on the game.


28 thoughts on “ELEX | Game Review

  1. Scalpaxos Reply

    This game had the potential to be one of the greatest RPGs of its time but the devs made some fundamental mistakes that undermined an otherwise great game.

  2. Pokerface1337 Reply

    Elex is not a game for everyone. You either like it or hate it. I for one love that one. I'd choose a game like Elex over any crappy game EA, Bethesda etc. throws at me.

  3. Mesanyxta Maura Reply

    Walking on the footsteps of Gothic and better than risen by far. In general, I think pb has found a very good receipe. There is much room for improvement but the structural elements are there and they are strong. This kind of rpg is not for everyone, it certainly is a deep and unforgiving (at first) and the experience is much better when played in the pc. I hope we get more games like this in the future.

  4. Kutaap020 Reply

    Had the game for a while now. Just collecting dust. Bought it on sale ages ago but never started playing because of the reviews…. until this one. Installing as i type :)! Thanks for the honest review without expectations!

  5. Wensleydale Reply

    It's a Piranha Bytes game, so you're going to get janky combat and dodgy animations. But you're also going to get some incredible world-building, choices with real consequences, a ton of flexibility in regard to how you complete quests, and some great writing. Elex is nowhere near as bad as the reviews made out. It's a little slow in the beginning, but once you find your feet and get a few levels under your belt, it's a really good game. Recommended.

  6. Dazz Rat Reply

    "I did find the voice for the main character … a little emotionless and gravely." — Heck, it wouldn't have that Piranha Bytes signature "flavour" if that wasn't the case. Very decent review, tons better than that sham review over at "Before You Buy." Gave it a like. This game is on my potential list. Love open world games if they're done right and not steeped in today's neo-goth wannabe edgy BS. Gothic 1 and 2, per my experience, were among the most engrossing, memorable open-world RPG's of all time. Gothic 3 was a mess, even after the community patch. Risen bored me but tbh I didn't give it much of a chance.

  7. acidtone Reply

    Finally a good honest review of this game. Thank you. Everything thing just shitz hard on everything about this game and could never understand why.

  8. Catnip Freakout (BYB/Skeleton Tree) Reply

    I ended up enjoying Elex. Whether it's considered a good game or bad game doesn't really matter with me. Either way, I enjoyed this one. Would be looking forward to the sequel actually. And maybe see improvements on some mechanics and such. Cool game imo though.

  9. Sandkasten36 Reply

    Often returning to Risen 1 because of its amazing combat. Tried to replay risen 2 or 3. But the combat system is so awful. And it seems Elex has the same clunky, unresponsive, boring, slow combat system.

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