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Far Cry 4 PC Game Review

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gggmanlives Far Cry 4 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game …


20 thoughts on “Far Cry 4 PC Game Review

  1. Studio D's Reply

    6:57 "all of the story crap that gets thrown in the middle is the stuff I have to put up with until I return to killing…" on that note FC4 fails to deliver any meaningful or engaging story line…. my thoughts exactly

  2. bhargava pothakamuri Reply

    Yes the glitches are terrible and the cheap deaths are also are. But I like the Farcry games, I could vent out some of daily stress but perfect chain kill takedown. I have played 3, 5 and am playing 4, I missed the knife takedowns in 5. After this I will play new dawn.

  3. NateLB Reply

    Fc3 had me hooked till the end, fc4 lost me an hour and a half in, it was the same engine, the same mechanics, but now you have eagles, a grappling hook, and some how the game became even more skripted and samey, cooooooooool.

    I didn't give two shits about the conflict because everyone presents themselves as a self centered asshole and your character is just…. There

    It's the same problem with five, I was like oh shit, We're going to get one that takes place in the United States? That's going to be awesome! Yet it turned out to be robo tripping the game, it's just pure disassociation and it just sucks.

  4. Padraic 7 Reply

    I was that "Hopelessly obessive compulsive arsehole."

    Loved the game. But finding all the loot and shit was rather underwhelming and I did question my direction in life a few times while doing it.

  5. The Matteo Reply

    I really enjoyed this game mostly because of the terrain(s) and how you traverse around.
    I loved the grappling hook and the snow missions – where you're climbing or escaping an avalanche.

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