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It’s time to check out the latest (PC!) installment in the Fate/ universe in my Fate/EXTELLA LINK Review! Join my Discord server! https://discord.gg/QKZFmRD …


29 thoughts on “Fate/EXTELLA LINK (ACTUAL Game Review) [PC]

  1. Muhammad Pandu Reply

    "…doesn't feel like hitting paper enemies. By that, I mean the hits actually feel impactful and provide ample feedback." YES that statement hits the nail for what ARPGs should have!

  2. Hibernape Reply

    "The only enemies that posed a problem are the ones that had their own HP bars."
    Bruh you can take sooooo much damage from ranged trash mobs if you're using a servant with "standing" active skills, especially late game. It's not much, but it gives a bit more depth in gameplay because you'll actively try to dash away or focus them down instead of just going for the objective. Or just simply using characters that move around a lot with their active skills like Darius or Lu Bu.

    The rest of your review was fucking spot-on. Can't believe I'm having the exact some problems as you did. A bit of a rough score though, I'd personally give this game more of a 7.5/10

  3. Death March Reply

    bought it played about 19mins then refund… trying to play on my nintendo pro remote and xbox remote and all it show is keyboard input making it a pain in the ass to remember and figure out every damn input hope they fix later then ill buy

  4. Kristijan Zikic Reply

    PLaying it on joypad, runs smooth, no issues, everything works fine and fluid…and then I see all the mobs just standing there, waiting for me to kill them, walking around aimlessly…worst immersion breaking, ever

  5. jinhong91 Reply

    That's odd. I've never experience any technical issues on my PC except for the controller. It works with a PS4 controller on wired but you need to disable DS4 support on steam first. The game plays very smoothly although I agree that the frequent cutscenes are interrupting.

  6. wolf y Reply

    when playing with mouse … the camera gets stuck and u are faced upside down ALL the time, locking on a target is the only way to see, makes me quit instantly untill they fix it :/

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