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LGR – Dungeon Keeper – DOS PC Game Review

“IT IS PAYDAY.” Taking a look at the 1997 real-time strategy classic by Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux. Control evil minions, delve greedily, and put an end to those …


44 thoughts on “LGR – Dungeon Keeper – DOS PC Game Review

  1. egbah Reply

    Aah I loved this game. Was such fun. Still have my free hat with feeling horney written on it which none of my girlfriends would never let me wear

  2. Tommy Åkesson Reply

    This was a 10/10 game.
    The sequel was, at best, 8/10.
    The main problem was that The Reaper isnt just a unit that was super strong and super grumpy, so you had to balance it, especially of you wanted to bring a high level one to The next map.
    In DK2? Just cap alot of land for high mana and summon The Reaper.
    I stopped Summoning him because it ruined the game by turning it into easy mode.
    I was very sad when The two final Bosses REQUIRED you to summon him. You couldnt hut them with your regular units. And he just wrecked them without any asssistance.

  3. Doom Guy Reply

    The fact that EA is remastering red alert, gives me a little hit of hope that they will remaster Dungeon keeper as well but I think that's wishful thinking.

    I'd love to play online on this game.

  4. 🌟༻🅹🅰🆈🅵🅰༺ ✓ • 5 years ago Reply

    I don't recall it ever being an option or a cheat but I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity by not allowing the option to play as the good guys. Maybe after completing the story mode or something.

    This could have added a whole new dimension to the game without requiring much, and if the original tile/room designed remained the same (hey, it's a bonus) then all it would require is a small amount of rejigging.

    Oh well…

  5. A M Reply

    Used to love this as a kid. Think I actually finished it once. Couldn't get into number 2 but that might be down to it running slow on the PC we had at the time

  6. Pyranix Reply

    Hey does everyone know how to get the multiplayer to work in 2020?
    I launch the game on the GOG multiplayer launcher with the ip of my friend but i can't find him…
    I hope someone will help me out with this.
    Best Regards

  7. Willem Verheij Reply

    What I love so much about this game is it's classic dark fantasy art style. It's colorfull yet grim and it's such a great fantasy style. Some older D&D artwork is like this too.

    I wish modern games used this art style instead of the goofy cartoony look of warcraft that seems popular these days when it comes to fantasy.

    The second Dungeon Keeper game was good, but not as a sequel to this game. It's art style was not so good and the early 3d shapes of creatures and heroes did not age well. Also that game is a lot slower.

    I kind of love the frantic spellcasting of the first game. It truly gives you the idea that these mages are throwing everything they have in the fight instead of slowly pointing a staff and shooting a fireball. In DK1, they shoot like 10 spells in that time while putting up shield spells as well.

  8. Samuel Measa Reply

    Haven't thought about these games since 2014 when Totalbiscuit published "Dungeon Keeper 2 – This is why we can't have nice things". BTW that was in the top of the recommendations on the side.

  9. Channel Fadge Reply

    I remember when I tortured so many heros to death that my dungeon got filled with so many ghosts that the game crashed. Unluckily I had saved the game just before the crash, meaning I messed up my progress completely because it would crash seconds after loading it back up again. Pretty funny way to go though.

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