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LGR – Spore – PC Game Review

Some called it SimEverything, others called it SimLetdown. Spore was quite the divisive game when it was released, but how does it hold up today? Time for a …


38 thoughts on “LGR – Spore – PC Game Review

  1. Woosh Karen Reply

    Holy crap not even joking spore is probably one of my most played games ever I would legit play it nonstop but after you really play and try out everything the games has to offer it kinda felt bland it’s like cake you have a sweet beginning taste the the after taste is is just bland bread but it will always be a game I keep in my heart.

  2. mercster Reply

    SO I've never played this game, but would this experiment work: Instead of creating "far out" designed creatures, try your best to fashion the life forms as replicas of Earth creatures. You know, I guess cows and chickens or some such. And they should be wildly successful.

  3. LoafDV Reply

    LOL I remember going to a game store to buy the disc copy of the Spore Creature Creator demo. The idea of paying for a "demo" on disc seems absurd these days.

  4. Jack Dempsey Reply

    I never heard about all this, someone just told me about this game got it and loved it. Now that I see what it could've been I'm a little sad. Still love the game though.

  5. Felipe Falanghe Reply

    Man, Spore. I first saw the GDC talk about it as I was just getting started in college studying Game Design. It was mind blowing. It looked to me back then to be the epitome of what a game could be. The one game to rule them all. The fabled multi-game that I imagined I could play forever…. That was around 2006 or so. I remember following it and getting into the hype like no other game before or after, and the disappointment was equally unparalleled. My main personal gripe was with how in the later stages, where you had the vehicle editors, ALL your design choices were completely aesthetic. No matter what you designed, it would behave in exactly the same way, fire the same guns, and basically have no impact at all on how the game played out. That idea stuck with me forever, and it was a fundamental driving force behind what eventually became KSP.

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