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LGR – Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – PC Game Review

Single player may be an afterthought, but X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is still a lot of fun! Especially when the power gets all balanced. ○ Consider supporting LGR on …


42 thoughts on “LGR – Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – PC Game Review

  1. CatalystOfFire Reply

    This whole story reminds me of the first time I actually got to ay Tribes… ONLINE.
    It only took several years of running around empty maps and thinking how cool it probably could be.

  2. 525Lines Reply

    I was all about OS/2 when this came out but when I finally gave up on it and went to window 95, I found this was very hard to play and gave up on it. The Xwing and Tie Fighter games were the games I liked.

  3. Octopus Prime Reply

    The first game I ever played on line was x-wing with my friend 4 blocks away. It was a horrible choppy garbage experience. To get Tie Fighter to run I had to edit the autoexec.bat file to steal the CD Rom buffer space in ram back as my computer didn't have enough to run it with out. This whole experience got me interested in computers and programming now I'm a cloud architect… And they told me video games was a waste of my time.

  4. Texan190 Reply

    I still love this game. It was my first Star Wars game on the PC, too!. Lots of hours spent on this game. Fond memories of multiplayer in a clan on MSN Gaming Zone.

  5. Andrew Clark Reply

    played a ton on the gaming zone (with AOL dial up).

    Also, I booted up a few years ago and played a few rounds with friends via Game Ranger. Still fun remembering the tips and tricks on some missions.

  6. tonycmac Reply

    I started my personal PC experience way back in the day with X-Wing. I still have the boxed edition. I also have XvT in the boxed edition. Imagine those games done in modern state of the art graphics that could push a Titan RTX to its limits – it would be like flying in the original trilogy.

  7. Sony Co Reply

    BTW fuck the Z-95, that is one weak piece of shit. It's like an X-Wing made out of papermache. In ye olden days we'd go online with a bunch of Tie-Advanced with all the systems built in(beam or tractor, wtf ever they called it), we set those extra systems to 0 energyconsumption so we would get extra speed and agility. Or grab a bunch of A-wings, at least they had some speed.

    We'd battle it out for hours online and even took out tons of SSDs once you know where to hit them(shield generators using heavy rockets at close range or these things wouldn't even get close as they're slow as hell and hardly target themselves in). There's no greater feeling than watching your shields go out yet still survive because you mastered the art of energy-management on your fighter and knew how to squeeze those last drops out of your weaponsenergy to protect the rear shields as you tried to escape while you used the viewkeys to watch those SD's or SSDs explode behind you….those glorious gaming moments in the late 90s……….you got so excited and happy………

    There's nothing more awesome than a giant fucking spacebattle in 1998 with these sims, god bless my Gravis Gamepad Pro™. I killed 1000s using that little analogue stick on it, even destroyed many racing opponents in NFS III…………………

    Anakin was right about the Force……….and this planet is getting boring these days. Games and consoles these days, they're so fuckin weak.

    I miss LucasArts™.

  8. Andrija Sučević Reply

    There was a group called Emperor's Hammer that created SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much content for this game….so many missions, campaigns, you could even pilot different spacecrafts if I am not mistaking…

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