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Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Review

Jonathon Dornbush reviews Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for PS4. How Spider-Man on PS4 Reinvents the Wall-Crawler’s Mythology: …


46 thoughts on “Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Review

  1. YungChip030 Reply

    8.7 is way too high…you spend half the game not even playing as spiderman hiding behind boxes doing the same style missions over and over and over. Even when you are spiderman it’s the definition of a generic repetitive button masher doing the same moves on the same enemies. The only redeeming quality is the setting and swinging mechanics. 5.5 final score

  2. Xoriatis71 Reply

    IGN: "Enemy bases can be really challenging."
    ME: Um… You button mash and you don't utilize stealth to it's fullest extent, of course you find them challenging! Jesus!

  3. Berton Reply

    I really hate the combat in this game. It feels too repetitive and crowded.. especially how you get dropped into the game and it goes like "here's swarms of 100's of enemies, have fun"

  4. Abdulla Al-Najjar Reply

    Don't really care about any other ratings from them but this game was a solid 8 for me, just finished it and eh, wish some things could've been more focused on. like most the time when I walk around it's like Im invisible…might be a small detail to some but that ticks me off. Felt half assed. The combat felt a little slow. Dont get me wrong it's a great game still, but could've been better.

  5. Mo Jo Reply

    Did anyone else play the old Spider-Man games for ps2? I LOVED those I grew up on those! This game seems like it gives you that ps2 vibe can’t wait to play it

  6. GameplaysEpic Reply

    this deserves 10, here is why:-
    1. Perfect story( has a movie potential)
    2. Fluid movement
    3. Badass Combat( not repetitive)
    4. Awesome gadgets
    5. Balanced peter and spiderman story

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