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Mud Runner: a Spintires Game Review

Mud Runner: a Spintires Game Review Today we take check out the newly released sequel to Spintires, Mud Runner! I hope you enjoy! Key for pre-release …


33 thoughts on “Mud Runner: a Spintires Game Review

  1. MrsLuigi Reply

    I just got this game in November 2018 just barley on the Nintendo switch and damn it’s a good simulator game. All my friends hate it cause it’s boring to them but they’re not obsessed with this stuff.

  2. Mini pie Reply

    My friend wants me to get this game cause he's so hyped about how good it is but sadly to me it's just so boring and after the review I know it's not a game for me. Gonna feel bad letting my friend down but I just find the game so boring and repetitive.

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