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Nemesis Board Game Review

Nemesis may be one of my favorite games ever! Support me on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/Crabbok Check out my Store!


48 thoughts on “Nemesis Board Game Review

  1. Mick Rissling Reply

    Good review. Just for game retail and loving it

    Probably someone pointed this out but the noise tokens represent the noise you hear, not the noise you make. Even scarier if you ask me!

  2. wayner396 Reply

    Just heard about this gave today and the theme really intrigues me as a life long alien and board games fan. I've watched about 5 reviews and yours is one of the best. Thank you.

  3. Austin Hernandez Reply

    I love how you explained the gameplay really well without getting too into the nitty gritty and order of play. I appreciate board game reviews that go over the general sense of the game and opinions and not just rules. Good job explaining a really complex game!

  4. Robin Cook Reply

    Great review here. Hoping I get my core set before Xmas. I just got an update today on delivery. On a boat from China. Estimated delivery to the USA around Dec 20. Customs and delivery after the NEW YEAR. I like the game review here a lot. But the whole kickstarter wait is my last. Keep up the great videos here.

  5. Virus Six Zero Reply

    Good review, especially about the caveats involved in conflicting secret objectives. I found Battlestar Galactica got a bit ridiculous with Cylon Leaders that had ambiguous loyalty and were almost playing a separate game from everyone else in one of the typical Cylon or Human roles. It seems like Nemesis may be similar in that some objectives are simply not fun to play.

  6. Simon Taylor Reply

    Super hyped for my copy to arrive. So frustrating to hear about typos in the game though. In this day and age you can literally just make the digital assets available and you’ll get free proof reading. No excuses

  7. Carl Uno Reply

    It’s gonna be a long wait but at least I know my copy will arrive soon. I’m so excited for this game and I appreciate you posting this review.

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