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Rambo: The Video Game Angry Review

Angry Reviews are back! Joe kicks off 2014 with a movie licensed game for a film that’s 30 years old! Watch Joe play the last level in Rambo!


24 thoughts on “Rambo: The Video Game Angry Review

  1. HomeDefender30 Reply

    Omg these aren’t the graphics right? These are ps1 graphics…..

    Look I started on Atari… I’m an old head… so graphics don’t typically make or break a game for me, but this is outrageous for $40…. maybe if it was like a $5-10 indie game it would be acceptable but wow…. this is rough looking.

  2. Runplays in HD Reply

    Just show to any critic Time crisis or Virtua Cop – they'll call it one of the best games ever. Show them then Rambo the Game – which is VIRTUALLY the same genre, they'll call it shit, just because it came out in 2014. I have only one question: what's your problem, gamers? Why do you want to WALK in a shoot-em-up game? Dont you have ENOUGH first-person shooters already, and you want another one? The games like this (light gun games) come out once in TEN YEARS god damn it! Because of your stupidity, there's no more strategy games, adventure games, classic JRPGs, tacticals rpgs and many more genres. You killed them all with your hands. All I can see now is infinite first and third person shooters. Is that what you want to play all your life? Patetic

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