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SOMA PC Game Review

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31 thoughts on “SOMA PC Game Review

  1. Gmod2012lo1 Reply

    I think people tend to ignore how this type of single player games tend to tell a story and make you experience something as if you were reading a book.. but being a character in first person.. as if you didnt even understand the game

  2. evan A Reply

    The game SOMA is a worthless Turd…….and if you say so on STEAM, if you try to warn people not to buy it, shills for the game will attack you on the discussion forum.,,,,,,, When you fight back the dishonest cunt forum mods will ban you. All that matters to STEAM is MONEY.

    Steam is a sewer selling TRASH and they all richly deserve to be literally LYNCHED. Go to Steam NOW and DOWNVOTE this crap, and give it an Honest review.
    The game is BORING.
    Lost LITERALLY for hours in real time.
    No map, no compass, no weapons.
    Randomly killed and
    the game Endlessly…..boring boring boring Frustrating, DULL DULL DULL stupid
    No logic
    And they put SHILLS onto Steam to prevent anyone on the discussion forums telling the truth.
    Cunts deserve to DIE IN AGONY who designed this game.

  3. Autum Wright Reply

    i love this game's story, or rather the philosophy of it, it's so intriguing to me that it makes me feel like running up to the nearest person and having a deep discussion about it. The gameplay however is where i feel it's lacking in some aspects, because i feel it could've easily been better constructed, more engaging, and be more intellectually challenging, especially when compared to how well they've handled the thought-provoking subject matter.

  4. plinzaplin Reply

    In general I like your reviews but you missed hard on SOMA…years after the release one of the rare if not the only "horror" game with an "overwhelmingly positive" rating by users on Steam…and man, what a story, never dull and a very rewarding ending….damn, I wish I never played SOMA before so I could play it again with the same interest as the first time…

  5. True Neese Reply

    I ‘got it’ but I do think it’s a played out story as far as sci fi goes. Not that I’m saying it’s bad or a bad idea but I certainly don’t get the hype 🤷‍♀️

  6. Portlandman Reply

    you have a few good points here, but overall a shallow review of Soma. Im glad they got rid of the tinderbox like, and lantern aspect of Amnesia, as that was a flaw. A lot of times you find yourself (in Amnesia) lighting torches to areas you only stay in for 30 seconds, or only go through once. So many of the tinderboxes are scattered and its easy to miss a lot of them anyway. Soma had a great story and simple gameplay. The inventory system of Penumbra wasn't all that great in the first place, and Frictional wanted to lean on environment physics to solve puzzles over inventory management. They tried something different here and it worked very well.

  7. Grondorn Reply

    A vastly superior game to Amnesia in almost every aspect. I also appreciate the horror element with only regretting that they didn't include more interesting enemy types and different enemy interactions like they promised early on. This game is really underappreciated considering how much of a masterpiece it is.

  8. recycleBinLaden Reply

    One of the most egotistic, ignorant and despicable reviews on your channel. I generally like your stuff and enjoy your opinions even when I disagree with them. But this is unfairly loaded with bullshit criticism and all of the points of the game completely went over your head. Being the ego-head you are, no one can convince you anything too.

    I played this game just a few days ago and was absolutely blown away by the narrative. Some people simply cannot accept something for what it is, and complain that it isn't something else. You guys are poison. This small team of devs knocked it out of the park with their passion and effort and made a wonderful game that is going stay with me a long time. Do you realize how many people like me you would've staved away from even giving this game a chance? You have the power to influence people and a there are a lot of shitheads like you around.

    Goddamn you, and make your own damn game and let the rest of us shit on it.


  9. Eroou Apple Reply

    It’s weird how you did not mention the story that much, which is what half of this game is about. The gameplay and horror suck but the story makes up for it depending on what you’re looking for. For me it made up for the parts where this game lacked.

  10. Jan Tomanek Reply

    My god I loved that story…masterpiece for me. I just wish they could make game with scare of Amnesia and story of Soma…that would be horor which will be in hall of fame. edit (SPOILER): rly…you woulds spoil such a spoiler as you are robot. RLY??!!

  11. GENOCIDE2099 Reply

    i just finished this game and i love it. yeah the puzzles are simple and the keys are in the same room but the story is what made me love it. simon and catherine are well developed which is kind of rare in today's games. i do agree that amnesia is scarier but the story was just not for me.

  12. zexedearth89 Reply

    You are usually on point, but totally missed it with this review.
    SOMA is a storytelling masterpiece. The ending just carves into your mind and stays with you forever.
    You dont play these kind of games for gameplay, its an interactive book basically.

  13. Dan McLeod Reply

    Only just started this review, but I have to say, even as a huge DOOM and Quake fan, this was one of my favourite games I played in 2016…. The story really resonated with me, and as someone who found the Amnesia series a bit hit and miss, I found the graphics and art style beautiful, the monsters terrifying and this is as about as far away as you can get from a standard FPS. Walking simulator could be a fair assessment of it, but the stealth and action sections are both exhilarating and absolutely horrifying…. AND OMG THE SOUND DESIGN!!! Beautiful… One of the best 8 hours I've ever spent.

  14. Dan Farmer Reply

    I don’t know i found this game really scary. Not as much as Amnesia: The Dark Descent but i thought the sound and visuals were absolutely incredible. And i loved the story especially towards the end. Great game.

  15. Matt Finch Reply

    Sorry, but this is one of the best games I have played – completed it over a year ago now yet still think back to it in terms of the ending and what it meant.
    The gameplay was perfectly suited to the story.

  16. Tucher97 Reply

    a game concept that is horrifying with an ending that will bother you, however I am not harsh towards Soma but will kick Amnesia to the curb because for one, Soma hasn't either broken down or gave me the middle finger and decides to be picky about progression, Amnesia did, two levers that didnt work then I find some dude's husk and soul tells me they work and try again, so I do just that and the levers do not work, soft block now I will say your survival buddy despite being apathetic at times or sounding apathetic is more towards the game like Simon will complain about the monsters that are about while she simply reply with "just dont look at them" as if the concept of death is nonexistant which hints toward the fact that she might have "died" a few times

  17. Julien Lindsey Reply

    Man, Markiplier was right. If the message goes over your head then this game just won't be appealing. It's a great game, but your lack of understanding of what the game was actually going for really kills it. Also, 7 minutes for a review?? That's pathetic

  18. Zhepard Reply

    The message was pretty clear. Its about finding an answer to what makes someone human. Is it your mind; the memories and experiences that make you you. Thats catherines belief. Or is it the actual physical form; that familiar shape we recognize even as the details differ from person to person; as the WAU believes.

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