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Space Hulk: Deathwing PC Game Review

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45 thoughts on “Space Hulk: Deathwing PC Game Review

  1. TheKillakan87 Reply

    A good game. But to be fair to those "fundamentalists" in the grim darkness of the 40th millennium, almost all things that don't share their ideologies are either trying to cleave their skulls with battle axes, consume and infest them, conquer and enslave them, hunt them for sport, or imitate T-800s and try to wipe them out!

  2. Lemonchino Reviews Reply

    Lmao complaining about 5 hour campaigns. A valid point that I miss (10 hours for halo ce) and I wish that games would be longer but sadly just about any fps has a short ass campaign these days. Rather lazy imo. But it will never change.

  3. Torch Reply

    This game came out on ps4 in an absolute trashy state. Looks like shit, runs like shit, was never patched. Barely playable, but they charge full price. Total ripoff.

  4. TheKnowerseeker Reply

    The thing about "fundamentalism" is that it depends on how well the precepts and principals hold up under all situations and serve society. Also, if they are hypocritical, then they will fall apart as untenable.

  5. mkbmainpc Reply

    7:20 want to challenge you about the part that "a decent enough game is going to be overlooked thanks to people that give a game a negative rating as the can't be bothered to wait a week or so incase the dahm thing gets fixed" sorry there paying customers.

    you said you experienced multiple performance problems on a 1080 at the time of this video the most poweful consumer card in the world (also a very commonly used architecture at that time and still) so imagine what it was like on a 750 ti (a way weaker but still capable card in 2016) or a less popular architecture at that time like a old amd radeon i can see why some people might be pissed spending money on something that they struggle to then run…

    i propose you flip this…yet again a publisher so money hungry they rush a game to market and waste the fantastic story told by the developers and game designers not allowing time to do vital optimisation.

  6. Chris Coma Reply

    it was GTX issue at start (and later they rebuilt everything in order to fix it, literally were recreating levels), AMD dudes ran it all maxed on budget GPUs. Also the game is very CPU heavy. Anyways, you should release an updated review with Enhanced edition. They put huge amount of work into it. It's very immersive game, you really feel like walking tank and even see your shadow creep the halls. You feel those ships 'breathe' (sound design is fucking insane, never heard anything like it), and it's probably the best looking game I ever played. And it surely is still a best looking and sounding UE4 game. So it's best game to experience WH4k Spacehulk atmosphere, it just soaks with it, nothing come close. And it's pretty good game overall, and way less stale than Vermintide 2. Developers clearly put heart and soul into it (and they are freshblood, they aren't a seasoned veterans, but boy I do hope they have a bright future ahead of them – those dudes are clearly talented).

  7. James Palmer Reply

    Gotta say, a year later and the game still runs kinda half assed. And that was after the devs took A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR to release that patch that they consider a “special edition” or whatever.

  8. TacoRoniNoodles Reply

    honestly, this really isn't the best space hulk game that would either go to the original '93 game or the 2013 turned based version, and if you want the best wh40k game in general, either space marine or dawn of war 2 would suffice (even though dawn of war 2 is an rts even I, an fps fanboy really liked it)

  9. SwordBreaker925 Reply

    The movement speed, while cool since you're in such heavy armor, really should be much faster. According to the lore, the Astartes (space marines) can interface with power armor in a way that makes it as agile as wearing nothing at all.

  10. NanoSquid Reply

    Just so you know, "enhanced edition" releases in 3 days. It's going to really put some flesh on the bones and supposedly improve the performance a lot. You might want to give it a follow-up look.

  11. ebolamorph Reply

    "waaaah! muh rightfully earned ratings might cause the game to be onverlooked waaah!"

    Seriously, will you review the enhanced edition once that patch comes out?

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