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Terraria Review – Greatest Video Game of All Time?

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0yH0Vwe0XY Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLYX9D5BA8w.


39 thoughts on “Terraria Review – Greatest Video Game of All Time?

  1. Yhuno Reply

    I’m gonna drop my own opinion here because Terraria Journey’s End just dropped, which is the last ever major update in Terraria.

    I agree with the Minecraft fans. Terraria is a Minecraft rip-off… for the first 30 minutes.

    The rest of the game is quite different from minecraft, and the only part remotely similar to it is the early game when you’re getting ores and not fighting bosses. After that, they’re both quite different. He’ll I wouldn’t even consider Terraria a sandox/survival game, I would rather call it an open-world RPG/boss rush.

    Terraria is incredibly diverse. Contrary to Minecraft, half of the obtainable/craftable items in terraria either drop directly from bosses/monsters or require special ingredients from them. Terraria is also great at the progression system, too; Every time you feel overpowered in the game, you unlock a new area that sends you back to the mines trying to get better gear. The best example of this is Hardmode; As soon as you defeat Wall Of Flesh, the world itself literally changes as it introduces new, more powerful enemies and even adds in a whole new biome (Hallowed). Other well-known instances of this include the Dungeon and the Lizrhard Temple.

    By far, Terraria’s strongest selling point isn’t the building or exploring: Its the bosses. Terraria, as of Journey’s End, now features 17 bosses (EDIT: 35 counting event mini-bosses), a huge amount compared to Minecraft’s 2 bosses. Every boss is unique and provides enough of a challenge to make you feel accomplished, while not feeling overly difficult. Take Eye Of Cthulhu, the second boss in the game (first if you skip King Slime). It’s specifically designed to be almost impossible without the right gear and proper preparation. But after getting lead/iron armor, building an arena, and finding a shit ton of Shurikens, it becomes quite a trivial task, so long as you know how to dodge its attacks.

    This brings us to my closing statement: Terraria is definitely not for everyone. It’s very clear as to why some people my enjoy or not enjoy this game. However, if you’re the type of guy who enjoys open-world games with incredibly diverse enemies and loot, Terraria should feel right at home.

  2. Koen Brown Reply

    i’ve played through at least ten times and i guarantee i haven’t gotten every item:)
    edit: it’s only ten cuz i play the world after completion until i get bored

  3. Epic Gamer 1 Reply

    ive put about 1,000 hours into this game. weather it be on mobile, consle, or pc. one of the best if not the best game ive ever played. and now with t mod loader being backed by re logic and being turned into dlc, its even better

  4. LogicWizard7 Reply

    For those talking about him not mentioning mods…
    This was before Re-Logic got affiliated with mods/modloader, so it would be inappropriate in an official review to add mods to it, seeing as it wasn't part of Re-Logic's ownership over any of it.
    Like I implied, I know it's an official DLC now , but at the time it wasn't, so it wouldn't be appropriate to include mods
    Normally when you do reviews like this, it's best you leave such details out, as it doesn't apply to the main devs.

  5. That1Gamer Reply

    now you, you reading this, yeah I see you.
    I have a question for ya,

    edit: my god I got likes, its not even my b-day

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