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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay PC Game Review

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36 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay PC Game Review

  1. ryan richardson Reply

    It definitely hasn't aged well. I loved it back in the day and had extremely fond memories, but after trying to replay it a few months back, I eventually quit. Everything feel sluggish and janky. No particular mechanic felt refined.

  2. Bhumi Rushing Reply

    I hated combat and the sound effects and the stealth…so I got a refund..plus vin diesels the cringiest thing ever and a shitty actor..but i will say he has a good riddick voice…which is to say is just low and slow.

  3. RulerZod Reply

    I replayed this game at least 5 times. Its ALSO impossible to get an accurate a review of a game without reviewing it in the time that in came out, cause then new generations spoil your perception of quality.

  4. Nicolás Monzón Reply

    The implementation of stealth in this game is atrocious to say the least. Everytime you are spotted is game over unless you sploit the game ai and just stay in the shadow while the guard in front of you say "i think i heard something". I understand the game has a cult status but it's just bad design from the start, and a painful experience to play

  5. TheUnbeholden Reply

    There is few titles with warring and death subject matter. Fear 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Fear 2, Ops: The Line and Scarface: World is Yours. This game is dark/mature like those at times.

  6. Baldur Reply

    I once borrowed it from a friend back in the day, but it was in russian and i didnt know that. i managed to play it somehow and it was fun anyway. But at least the voice output was english.

  7. DP Reply

    This game, due to the liscence running out of time, is no longer available on any store. If anybody has it on disc, consider putting it on mega and sharing the link on steam discussions for this game. A shame that this game is almost completely dead

  8. Zachary Czech Reply

    I just beat Escape From Butcher Bay for the first time yesterday. Its great. I started Assault on Dark Athena and its good too. Kinda bummed there aren't side missions so far but the combat os better.

  9. hey yo Reply

    The original version's graphics were mind blowing. It looks kinda silly and plastic-like now, but wow was it a looker back then. It was amazing for an Xbox game, but the PC version on the highest settings was next level. The story was cool, Vin Diesel was awesome. The gameplay… eh. It wasn't bad, but not super awesome. The story and visuals made me want to keep going though.

  10. Judge Rekt Reply

    Best movie based game I've ever played and one of the best first person games I have ever played in general. A shame, that nearly noone knows about it these days.

  11. DerpyDosh Reply

    Please do play the 2004 original at some point because not only do its visuals knock the remastered version out the damn park, they still looks absolutely amazing to this day.

  12. Stanley Sandeep Reply

    GG, I think I might have said this before. You basically bitch about stealth mechanics of almost every game. Which simply shows that you like going boom boom from start to finish and you see stealth bits as some kind of hindrance in your play through.

    Sure, stealth mechanics in this game were basic, but it was really well executed. This is mainly due to level design being so fu"*#@g awesome from start to finish. If you employ patience, you will really get engrossed into it and you'll see how good even the AI is.

    Even the melee mechanics were fine. Again, I think you simply didn't bother to invest your time into it.

    But, I do agree about your opinions about shooting aspect of the game. It really sucked and is the least intersting aspect of the game.

    On the whole, this is one awesome game that deserves to be played by everyone atleast once. Add to the fact that this is a movie tie-in and a console game, it's truly a miracle…

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