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The Darkness Playstation 3 Game Review

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gggmanlives The Darkness is a first-person shooter video game developed by …


40 thoughts on “The Darkness Playstation 3 Game Review

  1. MetaL BraiN m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast m/ Reply

    It sucks that, ps now games are the PS3 port instead of providing the best port with improved performance. I’m playing the game on ps now and I think I may stop. That part with helicopter really pissed me off. I had no idea about that ladder. I couldn’t even see it. When I have to look up a walk through that’s a big negative for me. I’ve been playing games since Super Nintendo I rarely get stuck. Man that shit got under my skin. I died like 20 times.

  2. Robert Lauder Reply

    This game needs to be remastered for the PC. I really want this game to reach it's full potential. This is one of the coolest and unique game I have ever played. I can't play it because of the poor framerate on the PS3. Shame 🙁


    This game has one of my favorites scenes ever. When you go to see Jenny, she shows you your brithday cake, you blow the candles, she asks you to watch TV with her… And you can fucking watch "Killing a Mockingbird" complete with her!! It's amazing how all this works to the player become attached to Jenny

  4. Hélio Rodrigues Reply

    I still have this game! This game is amazing, have amazing graphics, amazing story, amazing gameplay, amazing voice acting and music! Super underrated game. I love games with amazing storys, I have been always "single player" player since I start gaming. This game have of the best storys I have ever saw in a videogame. The game have its a lost gem from the beginning of HD graphics era. I never understand why this game wasnt release on pc or release again in other platforms. I think 2K saw the poor sells and didn't do that. The horrible performance its fix by the patch mostly.

  5. TeknoMaX Reply

    … And I never got why the heck they did a FPS about The Darkness, since a Third Person Shooter would have been more appropriate for the character. But then again it would be WAY too similar to Prototype…

  6. TeknoMaX Reply

    "possessed by a demon"…. Noooo my dear sonny G, demons RUN from The Darkness. He's much more than that. On this game he's weak AF. Jackie is practically A GOD. The only thing stopping him from obliterating Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider (yes, he faced them all) was only his human limitations. BTW, his only weakness is sunlight. I don't remember when I the comics they started with the crap of artificial light too, but that's just his limitations, not The Darkness'

  7. ROB SOLO Reply

    I found this on your channel. I worked for EB Games and in 2004, at our Manager's conference in Las Vegas, I got play the demo at the 2K booth. Top Cow was also with them. I played it to on the 360 and it ran great. I was watching the begging of the game when the guy said your playing the game now. A seamless transition on the 360. I loved the second with the cell shaded. Also one of the best closing scenes in a game. 2K has always been on their game. Great channel

  8. Jim Harrison Reply

    Sorry stopped watching when you said horrible performance because of the limitation of the console. Like what? No. A lot of early third party PS3 games ran like shit because developers didn't know how to use the PS3 cell processor..

  9. 3rd Street AVolitionite Reply

    The 360 version runs much, MUCH better. The game is also now backwards compatible on Xbox One. Seeing as this game makes my top ten favorite games of all time, hearing it made backwards compatible made my heart race. I absolutely fucking love this game. I think the second one is ok, but I didn't like the following; it was cell shaded like the comics, the original voice actors not coming back (except Mike Patton), the linearity, I liked Jackie's avatar more in the first game, and lastly I DO NOT like either of the endings. If you haven't played this game, I definitely recommend it. For 360 of course. It isn't on PC and it performs poorly on PS3.

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