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Tokyo Ghoul Re: Call To Exist – REVIEW – FULL GAME

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Call To Exist – REVIEW – FULL GAME Welcome to my review of Tokyo Ghoul Re: Call To Exist SUBSCRIBE FOR ANIME GAMING CONTENT▻ …


39 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Re: Call To Exist – REVIEW – FULL GAME

  1. blxzard45 Reply

    so they added every single kaneki form but you can't play as any character(other than ayato) in aogiri? the game looks very fun but the character roster looks terrible, i would have loved to play as tatara or noro 🙁

  2. Chaika Gaz Reply

    anime games are usually shit but its on the psn sale for 30 bucks which is why i was wondering if i should bite or not. The last anime game i enjoyed was the psp bleach titles

  3. erik bray Reply

    Glad to see someone actually explaining the game rather than “shit game just sucks. Don’t get it”. I’ll happily get it once it’s around 15-20 bucks

  4. Jay Black Reply

    I'm a bit of a novice regarding this particular anime; however I'm interested in the combat that I'm.seeing. Though I'm certain this game will be swelling with lengthy cut-scenes throughout, I'd love to know if Tokyo Ghoul will keep me coming back in terms of sheer gameplay/combat . . .

  5. T J Reply

    This game is going to drop because of all hate it got pre-release. Not that the hate isn't justified, The game LOOKS like garbage.

  6. chris korol Reply

    A lot of you are complaining it looks unfinished but I’ve seen worse anime games w a much bigger budget. So this is really about if it’s worth it to you or not, some say yes others no. That’s just how it is as said below.

  7. um bongo Reply

    jesus, talking about point a to b to c etc and the other 98% of the review was god awful boring. You need a real job cuz youtube is not your thing

  8. Lanthanums a clown Reply

    Very nice and detailed review, I think if you like Tokyo ghoul and can handle the 60$ price point then you should get it. I really wish it was worked on a bit more tho because the concept was very different and special compared to a lot of other anime games now.
    Edit: Even though the graphics may look like it came from a toaster I honestly kind of like the xbox 360 / ps3 vibes.

  9. Let's Talk About Reply

    So far it looks like a $30 to $20 game. I wouldn't say free because you do get a good amount of game but from what I'm seeing the biggest issue is the character customization. Other than that it looks pretty fun.

  10. Dylan Chauhan Reply

    I'm glad I watched this, your review is actually detailed and isn't as biased as what I've read or seen on other sites or on here, thank you for this review and I'm now actually considering maybe buying the game and hoping that they improve some parts. The game isnt perfect but it's not even that terrible either.

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