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Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter (Remaster) PC Game Review

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29 thoughts on “Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter (Remaster) PC Game Review

  1. Cortlan B. Reply

    So I am a huge FPS fan, even to the point I have a separate console full of old FPS shooters, after watching many reviews on how turok was well received and how I also played it much younger on the N64 I feel that someone should pick up the license, probably ID if I could feel confident about it, and make a reboot series such as the did with Doom and wolfenstein. I dont want no fancy story, no online multiplayer, NO microtransactions, just a game with all its original guns updated and some new mechanics and bring this game back from the dead. Please, let this be a reality

  2. IronHillsTraining Reply

    Bethesda should use some of the Doom Eternal Profits and purchase the rights to Turok. Do the franchise a proper reboot. Imagine how incredible it would be they have the foundation already from the new Doom games.

  3. Cory Reply

    To make the platforming easy-peasy, turn the in-game map on. Aside from a few areas late-game, every platform will appear on your map overlay making it basically foolproof to line up and nail every jump.

  4. The Cheese Reply

    I really enjoy this game
    Just played it thru on my Switch docked
    Lvl 5 & Lvl 6 are classics
    One is claustrophobic, the other puckers your butt with heights
    Both are tense
    Looking forward to Seeds of Evil on Switch

  5. Lucak Arts Reply

    Downloaded it for the Nintendo switch thinking it was an old shitty game ported for no reason, I was super wrong, been playing it more than any other game I have.

  6. Juan Diaz Reply

    It's crazy that he said that this game is not that much difference from the original. I guess he is not playing in 4k. And for your information you can extend the visual to eliminate the fog.

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