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Unreal Tournament PC Game Review

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43 thoughts on “Unreal Tournament PC Game Review

  1. TWQ WHY Reply

    Unreal's campaign fucking sucks, even in it's own time. The worst level design i ever saw, those fucking elevators wasted so much of my time, and enemies are mostly just bullet sponges.

  2. vahidmirkhani Reply

    I recorded the OST and I still listen to them every day. One of the best OSTs in gaming, ever.

    I also played 2004 edition. The OST wasn't as good and, though I was used to the fast pace in UT99, the 2004 version gave me a headache 🙁

  3. CEnow Reply

    I was one of the insane players back then always competing against Godlike bots. It's so god damn challenging, but also fun and adrenalin pumping like nothing else. Takes alot of practice and patience too. At times the GL bots just spawncamp you, so you have to play overly aggressive (still tactical!) to the point watchers question your sanity. If you don't get in the right rythm, you lose the match very often. To this day I haven't seen any other game with similar autstanding BOT AI.

  4. Evan F Reply

    I'll always have a soft spot for UT because of how I got it. I put in for a Planet Unreal (ah Gamespy…) contest to win a copy of UT. So come Valentines day 2000 I'm called into the admin office at my HS in my senior year because the admins think me and my group of friends are 'concerning' with all the school shooting crap going on. I speak my peace, and they more or less shrug it off. I go home after that stress filled day and find that I won a copy of UT. Best Valentine's day of my childhood.

  5. Derek R Reply

    I've gone 50-0 a few times on godlike in deck16 deathmatch, but its damned near impossible. You have to really manipulate the game and ai to achieve this. Hope malakai isn't one of the randomly selected bots.

    I've also managed a 50-0 on inhuman in just over 2 minutes in the same map . . . still very difficult.

  6. David Anderson Reply

    Running this on windows 10 for me is virtually impossible. Trying to download this VirtualBox thing hopefully that works. Idk how you guys are playing these old games, there are no definitive answers off the web. Reminds me how much I loathe Microsoft and windows, tf is the point of compatibility mode if the shit dont work for most games lmao XD and before some Microsoft geek says "Oh well it runs fine for me" lemme say, I dont give a shit how it runs for you XD

  7. Chris Bingley Reply

    This is where I honed my skills as a FPS player. I had a world ranking of 64 in Team Deathmatch. When I couldn't get on line (with a dial-up modem), I would pit myself against Godlike bots. Winning the matches comfortably, even if I ended up sweating like I'd run a marathon.

    UT2003 and 2004 were something of a let down in comparison. The Bots didn't seem to be as skilled, the maps lead to cheesy playstyles, and they felt more like Quake 3 sequels than Unreal Tournament sequels.

  8. Shvabicu Reply

    The bots aren't that hard. Your movement is just bad. I've not seen you dodge once. I used to toy around with the godlike bots back in the day. This game is all about movement and knowing the maps.

  9. Mark Reply

    I loved how you can specifically order bots to hold a spot or defend or back you up or attack. Can't believe this wasn't mentioned meaning you have to use some tactics as well as be good at combat

  10. Sleepy John Reply

    My house! The joy of tossing the Translocator right next to the enemy, translocating into their space and thus killing your opponent. The weak Shock Rifle become dangerous with the Shock Combo: sending out an alternate fire, a blue sphere, then managing to hit the sphere with the standard Shock ray took skill and could clear out a roomful. I had to have these explained to me at, yep, Thursday night practice with our team consisting of people all over the country. Too fun. We played in a league that fell apart with UT 2003. As in Quake III, death to cowardly campers who’d lurk by the respawning areas to get easy kills.

  11. blacklite911 Reply

    Difference between quake and UT is movement. If you want lightning fast movement and a focus on twitch reactions go for quake. If you want more of a focus on weapon mastery, go for UT.

  12. Josh Hsoj Reply

    I had to learn to defeat the bots on Godlike to be able to provide a challenge to my friend who introduced me to the game. I became on par with my other friend who owned a PC and even teamed up we would still lose 75% of the time him.

  13. Ansgar Reply

    Unreal Tournament King of Shooter!
    Will the youth play such incredibly good shooters? Whether the programmers manage to build a good Unreal Tournament again after the garbage part 4. Or whether the dirt like Fortnite and Modern Boring remains boring forever. I miss it and the good old days when you fought in Arenas and there were lan parties.

  14. Nathan Nate Reply

    Games have gone downhill over time. Options included in games are now "purchasable" in new games. I don't waste money on those greedy rip off style, sorry excuses for games.

  15. Peter Dwyer Reply

    This game IMO Is the best FPS game ever made. I really miss playing it. I was 19 when I played this. 21 years later if I could afford a pc love to boot it up again see if anyone still playing it?

  16. Lesba Zyra Reply

    Great review. I played this game a lot. Even managed to beat the campaign on the highest difficult, godlike. Bots were insane on this difficult, especially Xan (could beat him only with the flack and the shock rifle). It's really hard for a normal human to use quick jump moves, especially jumping from a wall to wall (double forward. double strafe .etc these jumps)

    I think you forgot to mention the shock-combo. Even it's presented on the vid. I enjoyed to explode the ball, the most devastating combo. It's highly used for UT pro scenes too.

    UT 2004 replaced the game well, so I managed to enjoy that one more, because of the modern stuff. Tho the classic is simply the best. Yet, I think I had problems with a mouse on a modern machine. I couldn't find how to disable a mouse acc/smoothering .etc I remember that my old pc had never a problem with a mouse like that.

  17. protoroc Reply

    I wish Epic would give us an unreal collection with the first 2 single player games and first unreal tournament. They should be able to afford it with all fortnite money.

  18. Csumbi Reply

    i just got hit my a massive nostalgia rocket, man i gotta install this masterpiece of a game just to play for a few minutes :), this is my childhood right here 🙂

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