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Way of the Samurai 3 | Samurai Game Review

In this Samurai game review, we take a look at “Way of the Samurai 3”, a lesser-known game that turns out to be one of the best Samurai RPG’s there is. Way of …


36 thoughts on “Way of the Samurai 3 | Samurai Game Review

  1. Kensen Reply

    I am hesitating on purchasing Way of the samurai 3 or 4, which one do you thinks is better? I played Way of the Samurai 2 in PS2 and it was great

  2. Dharien Reply

    I remember buying this game on Xbox360 and hating it initially. As soon as I entered the world I just couldn't get a break, there were some easy fights here and there but right after that I would bump into the mysterious strangers or samurai hunters and get my ass kicked. I felt I just couldn't get ahead in this game and the combat was really shitty in the beginning.

    However as soon as I found a better sword (with ninjitsu fighting style and awesome moveset) the world just opened up. I got better little by little and kept winning my fights and started feeling like a badass samurai. The combat started being really fun combine with the ragdoll physics and launching your lifeless enemies through the air with powerful attacks.

    On top of that I could play one playthrough as a savage maniac killing everyone left and right and a second playthrough as a neutral shinobi who detested killing and only went for knockouts in combat.

    So yeah, I initially hated the game and thought it was a waste of money, but in the end it turned out to be one of my all time favorites and one of the few games I actually completed 100%, achievements, weapons and all.

  3. tbr2109 Reply

    I can't find any information about Acquire Corp. shutting down. They just released a game this past January (the PC port of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls).

  4. Khal Reply

    I never played Way of the Samurai 3. Played only 1 n 2, 1st was better than the 2nd. There are some interesting games coming to steam about samurai, especially ronin

  5. You Know Those Dudes? Reply

    I really miss these games.
    4 was a bit too satirical, but 2 and 3 were fantastic.
    Wish they make this available for PS4, or at least have the PS5 with its supposed backwards compatibility.
    The characters are really bland, but just having a game in the setting is such a treat

  6. Metal Memes for Naked Reptilians Reply

    This series was always the most creative, insane fun to be had with a Japanese setting similar to Yakuza while still having incredibly thorough, butterfly-effect branching story-lines. Lots of endings, even the best one where you just walk away and beat the game in the first 2 hours by literally leaving the area and wandering again. Can't wait for Ghost of Tsushima on June 26th.

  7. Son Phan Reply

    How about Sekiro Shadow die twice. The sound of sword clashing is like a melody. I know the main character is a shinobi but he use a katana and the fight is just at the right balance between realism and fantasy

  8. Shogun 2 Heroic Victories Reply

    Lots of endings, there was even a companionship mode, that was diluted in the english ports. where you could have dated and lived with all the girls in the game.
    Was fun farming for Sword parts to create the best sword that could one hit kill a boss.
    Also the instant death mode made the game intense.
    Timing was key and arriving is certain locations at the right time could open up events.

  9. Joe Bloniarz Reply

    I played the fuck out of the first .then I got the third but I couldn't figure it out. No missions or dialogue would trigger at a certain point and no adversarial events would happen. It was annoying

  10. no no Reply

    Heard of Ukiyo no Shishi & Ukiyo no Roushi? It’s done by Spike Chunsoft, who published the Way of the Samurai games back in Japan, but with an “ukiyo” style and a more linear tale compared to the sandbox approach of Way of the Samurai.

  11. Man Reply

    This game looks neat, wish we had more RPGs based in or on feudal Japan. I hope Ghosts of Tsushima is a solid game whenever it comes out.

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