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WHY it's the BEST Survival Game – The Long Dark Review

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25 thoughts on “WHY it's the BEST Survival Game – The Long Dark Review

  1. Plaid PVCPipe Reply

    I remember once while playing this game, it was late at night (in game) and my character needed to sleep, so I tried to set up a fire and go to bed, but when I realized that I had no good place to hide away, and that wolves could get me, I decided to keep going. I was near collapsing by the time I reached the town that was nearby, so I immediately entered a house and lit a fire. It was really intense.

  2. Foregotten One Reply

    I just want the animals that I shot to stop running up every steep hill so I don’t crack any more ankles and if their blood and paw prints could stop vanishing for no reason that be nice..

  3. wwaxwork Reply

    I've freaking loved this game for years. It will have a permanent place in my top 10 game list. Playing it on Interloper mode is both terrifying & exhilarating & the art style & music is so damn beautiful. This is the only game I like to play with the music on.

  4. Guildar Daze Reply

    thank god for the ocasional updates too. Its amazing. The fearless navigator is groundbreaking for navigational challenged people like me at times. its a small thing, that saves lives. And happy that update led me to this channel and this video from you too.

  5. NeoRipshaft Reply

    You forgot to mention that the game permits you to let out your unyielding hatred of adorable fluffy bunnies. It doesn't get nearly enough credit for that.

  6. kkillsom Reply

    I'm so grateful that the game has difficulty settings. As a gamer with disabilities, this is very helpful. It sometimes helps me be able to play harder difficulties after I figure out the basics.

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