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Honest Game Trailers | World of Warcraft Classic

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50 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers | World of Warcraft Classic

  1. Tommy Case Reply

    Anyone that knows how leveling on classic will appreciate this. I got a 60 shammy 54 priest 53 rogue 52 warrior 42 huntard 41 lock 40 mage and a 28 druid. Just waiting for the no life contents hahaha!!!

  2. Isabel Guzmán Miranda Reply

    This is fun, however…
    I couldn't play Classic once it came out. There was no broadband in my house in Spain and I didn't have the time.
    So I have to thank Blizzard for having given me the chance, at age 40, to begin again.
    That said, I play on the treadmill… So when my character is walking, I am walking too. I never feel I am losing time.
    I really want to see them putting out Burning Crusade and Lich King. I never had the chance to play it either.

  3. Svenger Mc. Spazzy Reply

    Fast leveling
    Every class per character
    A welcoming community
    Dungeon's that don't take hours
    Bosses that don't take hours
    Tons of end-game content
    Flying that doesn't require a runway


  4. William Beers Reply

    I loved this game so much, but yeah…I totally agree. "In a molasses-slow process that you probably had a lot more time for 15 years ago…" You know Blizzard, good for you bringing back something original and cool just for the heck of things. But, it should have its own subscription of like $5/month but free for those with the retail sub. Plus, the leveling should have been tweaked or something. Maybe people with Heirlooms in the retail version get to keep them in Classic. Either way, I played for 2 hours and stopped. I just don't have this kind of time anymore. Very, very sad.

  5. makeanewchronoplz Reply

    Pretty sure they've already confirmed Burning crusade and and wrath of the lich King. this is really the only way to get me to come back to wow I mean I like all the new additions pretty much besides them removing the skill tree and dumbing the game down so much. I like how he's a tauren though I don't get it I never got the appeal to being horde especially a cow man.

  6. DeeJay Develop Reply

    Yeah, long ass levelling, slow af travelling, dieing alot, 15 second stuns. Its frustrating, but at the same time, getting a level, getting a piece of gear, killing that pain in the arse rare or your name bearing weight on your server. It just has soul.

    I love the look of retail, but everything is rush. Make your character, rush to level 15, rush spam dungeons to 120, rush normals, jump into mythics, hit mythic+ and.. rush rush rush. Finish mythic+, get new key, rush rush rush. Take 20 years unlocking the new races, make one, spawn level 20, join dungeons, spam to 120, rush rush rush, repeat.

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