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MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA (Honest Game Trailers)

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28 thoughts on “MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA (Honest Game Trailers)

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  2. Isabella Schabell-Barrera Reply

    Its actually pretty good now that's it's been patched, I actually liked the feeling of establishing outposts and the idea of colonizing a new galaxy. Just hope they can make a sequel that continues the story and explains some of the plotholes. They definitely should have released it later though. I really hope Bioware releases another Mass Effect and Dragon Age game.

  3. boomer150 Reply

    Did you play this game on a wheel of cheese? I’ve done 3 play throughs on Xbox One X and never seen any of the glitches you showed in this video.

  4. Aaron Winrock Reply

    Its a shame, if it wasn't for the game breaking glitches and bugs it would be a good game. Seriously the whole time im more concerned about the game bugging out then anything going on in the story.

  5. Anthony Spitery Reply

    So glad I got this game on clearance earlier this month for 11 dollars, and I haven’t played much Mass Effect except for the beginning of the first one. (Or the one with Seth Green where you fight the turians.)

    Andromeda with all the bug fixes is quite an enjoyable game, despite 40% of it being literally just riding around in the nomad until your next objective marker.

  6. TAndRDInSpace Reply

    I wish I could like this vid more than once. I despise this game enough that I can't play right after the trilogy. I have to play something boring like The Sims for 3 weeks to a month or so then it's ok for a stand alone that's not a Mass Effect game. I this I could actually play evil where I couldn't with Shepard.

  7. Melting Marshmallow Reply

    After playing all three mass effect games nothing makes me more mad than seeing the same face on all the Asari. During each game you had different encounters with an asari! Andromeda had so much potential I do hope it can better.

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