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METROID (Honest Game Trailers)

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to …


37 thoughts on “METROID (Honest Game Trailers)

  1. Fandom Games Reply

    Fandom Games is the new home of Honest Game Trailers! Tune in every week for video game content from your favorite Screen Junkies, and Curse Entertainment team!

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  2. Brandon Fazbear Reply

    Ok. Why does everyone say that Color Splash. Quit whining that it's not the same style as the older Paper Mario Games and that there aren't partners. Changes have to be made so it doesn't have to feel like the same thing over and over again..

  3. slash09r1 Reply

    Shi-ite… I made my own maps for snes too! My mom didn't get me Nintendo power and the library stopped carrying them because they always went missing

  4. TheOtakuX Reply

    All the Wii U Games. You mean Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Metroid Fusion? Basically everything but Metroid II?

  5. Leon Reply

    spacevania "XD The metroid franchise was born with open map style and other innovations and was released before nonlinear castlevanias. You can call it spacevania but metroid was before castlevania

  6. Chris Hassan Reply

    I thought the gameplay in Other M was decent, but the writing for the dialogue left a lot to be desired. It's almost like they didn't proofread it after translating the original Japanese to English.

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