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10 Best Gaming Accessories Under $100 (2016)

The best 10 gaming accessories under $100 including mouse, keyboard, headphones and controllers for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. What equipment do you use …


20 thoughts on “10 Best Gaming Accessories Under $100 (2016)

  1. dav ep Reply

    If these 2TB drives are like every one I've ever bought (x4) they'll fail quickly. The test period has to be at least 6 months.. I still have 250G drives from the days when that was a big drive that still work perfectly.

  2. Youbring Reply

    little tip for people wanting the best deal get one on the small portable 4tb external hard drive and crack it open its just a 2.5 drive in a external enclosure and you can get them for 80 to 100 bucks on amazon. I did this in my laptop the 4tb version of it was like 400 dollars more so it saves lots of cash.

  3. Austin Jurgle Reply

    I prefer the Razer Naga. It has 1-0 keys on the thumb side, and 5 additional buttons. It's latency (of the corded one) is nearly 0, when you have a good mouse pad. Not to mention, it's /super/ sensitive. Doesn't take much to get the cursor from one edge to the other. I had to turn my sensitivity in Mass Effect down using the Naga. Fucking love that mouse

  4. D Sandoval Reply

    The Rival 700 does NOT have 15 buttons. The Rival 700 only has 7 buttons. The Rival 500 is the one with 15 buttons. Also it seems that the one you have on screen every time is neither the 700 or the 500 but the 300! You guys really slapped this one together didn't you.

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