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10 Best Gaming Accessories Under $50 | Chaos

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43 thoughts on “10 Best Gaming Accessories Under $50 | Chaos

  1. Vicodoink Reply

    BlackWeb gaming mouse! 40$ and good feeling texture! It also comes with customizable colour and it lets you change the layout of all the buttons! Perfect if your left handed and prefer using your left hand with a mouse! In general… It's amazing 10/10 must get

  2. Nemesi Reply

    LMAO do not buy the MS adapter. Either use your USB wire that you got with your xbox one or buy one for like $5 or Β£4. A lot cheaper and convenient, can also use the USB wire to charge the controller. Win win situation right there. Next time chaos, promote something useful and convenient, this video screams just random accessories under $50 thrown together with no thought.

  3. daily distraction Reply

    you can use an xbox one controller by just using a micro usb charger, plus who wants to go wireless anyways, you gotta pay fro the adapter plus batteries, and latency, like come on

  4. Sam C Reply

    I wouldn't get the Nyko charger station. I bought one in early 2016 and it stopped charging consistently after about 6 months, for 5 dollars more you can get one that is a sponsored xbox one product and it comes with a warranty that you can use to replace should anything happen.

  5. saddrums Reply

    Jimmy, if steam games are better with a controller, than you should try csgo with one. That would be a good video coming from a call of duty gamer

  6. HuskE Reply

    I didn't watch the vid yet but I know control freaks are going to be on here and honestly, if u don't use them from the start, it's not comfortable and distracting

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