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5 Great Retro Gaming Accessories – IMPLANTgames

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16 thoughts on “5 Great Retro Gaming Accessories – IMPLANTgames

  1. Matthew Zeidan Reply

    Kris, great video! I'm really into cool accessories! I actually have a video matic lying around somewhere and this video has inspired me to look for it! I've got around 600-800 games and lots of accessories and you've picked some good ones! I'm a huge fan of light gun shooters and I own about 10 light guns. A quality VGA to HDMI converter these days can be great also. Speaking of light guns, I have the separate video boxes for ps1 and 2 that allow you to use a namco light gun with ps1 in S video and ps2 in component! It really makes the visuals pop by bypassing crappy composite video.

  2. Robbie Sabo Reply

    I got the Toro last year (I think it was last year?) after seeing your video on it. It's an amazing bit of kit. The thing that pushes it over the edge for me is the brightness switch. Games are suddenly 100000000x punchier to look at… really, really vibrant! Beats the pants off my old VGA box that I purchased when the Dreamcast was actually still alive and kicking, that's for sure. Best investment for my Dreamcast I've ever made… apart from actual games 🙂

  3. MrRetrogamingBard Reply

    THANK YOU! The store I work at does indeed have the video-matic but… … no one really knows what it's for 🙁
    I know, it should look obvious but the design of the grooves inside somehow threw everyone off… as if it's for a particular cartridge that has a rounded bottom.
    I sound really silly admitting that but it's the absolute truth and I thank you for showing that item off in the top 5 video.

  4. John Miller Reply

    Think you'll do a video about the Toro in conjunction with an XRGB Mini? I use pixel purists settings for it, but haven't found the settings to get it to look great. It looks "dotty", almost like a comic book or something.

  5. GrainJB Reply

    Great choices, thanks for the video! I've had my eye on the Toro for some time, but I've got a cheap VGA box that still works, and another brand new one squirreled away… however the Toro's quality does keep me interested!

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