Gaming Accessories (Clips)


LOOKING TO TAKE YOUR MICROSOFT XBOX ONE X EXPERIENCE TO THE MAX? You gotta make sure you get your hands on these awesome accessories.



  1. muffity Reply

    Can i have one xbox one x box please
    😂😂😂 so werid

    And i hate Microsoft they stole rare and rare started making bad games make rare a Nintendo thing again not a Xbox thing

  2. Don Johnson Reply

    I like the xb1X a lot but the idea its worth $450 w one game and one controller, aka $481 after tax, is a bit of a rip off. 2 games and 2 wireless controllers w batteries should be $400 out the door and here's why; a decently cheap gfx card and 8th gen 4 core 8 thread core i7 likely blows this thing away if you, 1_ have a good laptop screen and 2_ aren't talking about games made for, or are 1X enhanced. Also, you can get 2 controller batteries for 12 bucks. The ps4 pro loses easily in the front lines of the fight now… With all the BC xbox 360 games, gamepass, which is solid_ and real 4K graphics… Plus the xbox controllers are way better. The ps4 controllers are far baby hands sized people. One thing to keep in mind_ u don't need a 4K tv. The human eye can't tell the diff in roughly 2k and 4k. Edit: MS really screwed up not releasing a 2TB of this version with a hybrid SSD drive. It could've been called the Ultimate Edition with 2 controllers and a game for $549 and nobody would have room to complain. Instead, MSRP is still about $500 after tax ($449 now I think) and it really has hurt sales. The problem is the installed xb one user base is small so they need something to pull away lifetime PlayStation players. They did with me but far too few others. If the price had been dropped to $429 for a new game and 2 controllers ten months ago, I bet they'd have sold 30-40% more. PS4 pro got out first and was cheaper. MS has learned to listen to customers but not how to adapt the business. Who would pay full price right now, unless they don't know next gen is just about 20 months away? Nobody for $449. In this sense, it reminds me of the dreamcast. Best technologically by far but they screwed the pooch with marketing

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