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Are gaming accessories worth the money?

I’m using new software and still trying to figure it out, the video is only about 17 minutes long then there’s several minutes of black screen……sorry Thinking about …


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  1. The Fork Drawer Reply

    If you don't have the money to shell out for a gaming monitor, but are still plagued by horrible input lag, don't fret. You still have options.

    JDodds briefly mentioned it, but many TVs now have a mode in the settings called "game mode" or something similar. It doesn't turn your big TV into a gaming monitor, but it isn't something to overlook either. I've ignored the mode, thinking that I've just had a bad connection for the last two years, and my entire game changed when I finally switched it on. And I've read many people who have claimed to have taken my TV back due to its bad input lag, even compared to other HDTVs. Yet the game mode on it has changed everything around for me. If your TV doesn't have game mode, Google the model number and "input lag fix" and there may be a trick. Some TVs can be switched to a PC mode, others have image processing options that can be adjusted. Make sure you check these options out before dropping a couple hundred bucks.

    Also, on the Kontrol Freaks. JD bought me some as a surprise gift. So I used them for the same reasons that you wear the ugly Christmas sweater that your Aunt Mildred gave you. But the surprise didn't end up being the gift, it was that I actually liked it. Unlike that sweater, My Kontrol Freak is always on. Even if it were an awesome sweater, that would be nasty.

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