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Building a NEW (OLD) Windows 98 Gaming PC! – Hardware, Accessories & Games

RE-PC helped build a new (old) Dell Dimension XPS R400 Pentium II 400mhz, Voodoo3 3000 video card, Soundblaster 16 soundcard, 384MB ram, IBM P96 …


49 thoughts on “Building a NEW (OLD) Windows 98 Gaming PC! – Hardware, Accessories & Games

  1. W Leon Reply

    I think gamers, such as myself, were very lucky back then. When we purchased PC games, we not only got the game,, of course, but also, the beautiful depth of work that came along with it – in reference to the thick almost novel-like instruction books, the artwork on the box the game came in, maps [in most cases] and the sheer attention to detail. I love big box PC games for this reason.

  2. Nate Cubblyn Reply

    Now I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D late into the night from the glow of my monitor. I had a Gateway 2000 and then a Dell with Pentium II. I always wanted a better video card but I was just a kid and couldn’t afford those things. Wasn’t something like that VooDoo card like $200 in 1998?

  3. John Doe Reply

    i can't believe ray tracing existed back in the 90's era and today's showcase of microsoft demonstrating their new tech on the xbox series X using ray tracing on minecraft.

  4. psychoticgiraffe Reply

    I made a pc like this recently, but I opted for a giant ssd because it sped up my ability to load games once I mount all the images to the ssd, I run it as a daily driver, p3 933 MHz, WiFi, bluetooth, asus p3b-f, 3DFX diamond monster Voodoo II SLI, geforce 4 TI, sound blaster live, 120gb ssd, 1gb ram, best of both worlds. The thing I really dig is the voodoo ii has a passthru which makes a ambidextrous 1998-2005 setup possible, I got it running far cry too

    Also, I’ve subscribed, I’m a longtime viewer

  5. Favoxhille Reply

    Wow System Shock 2 must've been like the Crysis for the late 90's gaming scene, i'm playing it now and have to say it's really impressive for its age definitely up there with Half Life if not better

  6. Don 1 Reply

    I am very interested and want to start collecting but I have one question I know you have a lot of big box PC games, can this what you just built play all of your big box PC games?

  7. Claudio Ramirez Reply

    Oh man NFS PU, what a game!! Beats the crap out of every modern NFS, with its collision systems that actually affects the performance of your car, and a stiff learning curve that will make you love once you master it

  8. Mark C Reply

    Duke Nukem 3d played it 4 hours straight when I first had a go at it. Of course, I was a minor at the time, maybe 14 years old. It's not like I was secretly going into strip clubs in my school uniform.

  9. T-RopE Reply

    uke nukem was the shit. I only got to play it on 64 though. if they made a remake of nukem 3d that would be SIIIICCK . my little cousin who was like 6 when we would play,lol, would call it dukem nukem, still catch myself referring to it like that ever once in a awhile

  10. Dam-Ian P Reply

    That's cool that they actually tested the computer for durability and stand by the build. No place like that around here. We had a big computer warehouse type store (since closed) but the people that worked there weren't very helpful.

  11. WthaHatchet Reply

    such a great idea if you dont have a 286, 386, 486 or pen 1 or 2! Love it! everyone should have a late 90s pc and enjoy all the classic games especially if they haven't ever!

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