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Buying Cheap PS4/PS3 Controllers From eBay – Are They Worth It?

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44 thoughts on “Buying Cheap PS4/PS3 Controllers From eBay – Are They Worth It?

  1. stinky pinky Reply

    I just noticed I got the same kind of controllers but from Walmart website I was wondering why happened to the logo and why it's was so light and help cheaply made

  2. Not_Gxmes Reply

    I’ve had the c200 for 3 years it’s been pretty bad it’s got drift it moves back wards the share doesn’t work the d pad don’t work I’ve just got a new one and I’m glad don’t get the C200

  3. 5150Chupacabra Reply

    I just bought a PS3 and im in the market for a controller. The one I have is fine. But i need a back up. Has anyone tried the refurbished ones from Ebay? Their a little pricey but OE is what im looking for.

  4. ClowMeow Reply

    The Problem is, PS4 you can wait for a sale no issue, but with PS3, it's hard to tell what's worth your money. Heck I'm unsure, you suggested just going for a clearly 3rd party, but that doesn't offer up what third party ones are ACTUALLY good.

  5. ѕтяαωвυяяιєѕ Reply

    you think that you should just give the controllers away, just give the fake controllers that are of poor build quality, its like saying hey im gonna give you my garbage that i think is not worth buying, how generous of you.

  6. Tha Jazzz Providaaa Reply

    Having recently bought a PlayStation 3 because I’ve been on the Xbox side of gaming my entire life, I do definitely prefer the controller design of an Xbox controller idk the triggers on a PlayStation controller just don’t feel like triggers. My finger slides off so damn easily.

  7. Bradley Blake Reply

    I bought the faux leather one and it lasted to sessions and then started vibrating and wouldn't stop until the battery finally died. Luckily they have a warranty on them, and they actually do feel nice to play with. but regardless, I wouldn't recommend.

  8. TailsPrower07 Reply

    I got a fake PS3 controller in 2018 similar to those "official ones" but without the Sony text and a P3 on the home button (needed a controller and really low on money) and while it's nowhere near as good as official ones, it still holds up. It has syncing issues and the L2 button is just now becoming unresponsive. But after nearly two years it's still solid and outside of the L2 button. I'd still recommend trying to save up and getting official controllers, but don't entirely count out the knockoffs, it's a gamble absolutely but if it pays off, you got a solid controller that can at least do the job for cheap. As long as you don't rage at games and start beating on the controller (probably why the L2 trigger stopped working for me…) it still delivers the nice experience if you can handle the times the controller doesn't properly sync up, stalls out and you have to try again. They're made cheap, but you shouldn't bury them because of it, they can be actually decent

  9. Turd Ferguson Reply

    Dude… I have that controller… the Afterglow. But mine is wireless. The only issues I ever had with it was the rubber coming off of the sticks, and of course, the d pad. Still a great controller. I still use it often on my PS3

  10. Koletin Ott Reply

    I have One of those afterglow controllers, it’s not that bad really, bigger than original and it’s wireless. Old ones are bad but my new one is pretty good.

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