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Gaming Tokens and Accessories – Buy or Make Your Own?

Tokens and other gaming accessories can help your enjoyment of your wargaming and make the games easier to play. But should you buy these accessories, …


25 thoughts on “Gaming Tokens and Accessories – Buy or Make Your Own?

  1. Tactical Tokens Reply

    Insanely comprehensive video! Despite being a manufacturer of gaming tokens, we are big proponents of making your own gaming accessories. Hey! It's how we got our start after all.

    Tools we love for making your own tokens:
    – 1" circle punch. Most games use a 1inch scale so just print and punch. Laminate or sticker, and you're golden.
    – Crafter's Pick Ultimate Glue. Our personal favorite glue for nearly every tabletop crafting scenario.
    – Bezels. Put an image inside the bezel and top it with an acrylic or glass cabochon. They make awesomely fancy tokens.
    – Clamps and/or Watch Press. Depending on your token design being able to press them with a lot of force keeps the pieces together nicer.

  2. Robin Weatherall Reply

    the acrylic domes and printed counter artwork is probably the best idea i've ever heard in my life. Thanks. You have an endless customization with the printer and a nice 3dish dome.

  3. maxxon99 Reply

    One easy start is to buy MDF bases – 15mm or 20mm rounds for example. You can then paint them and write or stick decals on them.

    You can also buy ready-cut star or heart shapes off AliExpress or like and just hit them with paint.

  4. Grasshopper K Reply

    Librarian psycic powers… Remembering whether you cast might of hero's this turn or not etc. Which is generally easy, it's just one unit. But (withought being rude) when your opponent isn't sure, it's always nicer to put that marker there so they can't possibly question if you cast it or not (etc). Or any other similar styles of temporary buffs or effects.

  5. Dave Weston Reply

    I've been giving away free wound markers [and some gaming tokens] for years.


    You just need to print them out, stick to mounting board and cut out. I also put a layer of sellotape on so they're pseudo lamintated but I have tried them with the Epoxy Domes too but they're a bit OTT

    The main advantage to these are they're so cheap and quick to make it doesn't even matter if I lose them at a tournament, I can just make some more. I keep them all in a weekly medicine caddy. It annoys me a bit when folk use dice for wounds, just because they get knocked over or accidentally picked up.

  6. Crowbarr Reply

    I've been binging your videos for a week now, even when brushing my teeth :S, always good to hear you talking about games, it's helping me a lot to introduce my girlfriend to gorkamorka. Keep it up!

  7. Ron Raducanu Reply

    Infinity requires tokens. On their website you can print out all the tokens you need. When I played, I bought a bunch of clear glass tiny hockey puck looking things and stuck the paper to the bottom of them, picture side up. Cost $11 for 50 tokens!

  8. slothwroth Reply

    What are your thoughts on Reaper's Warlord/R.A.G.E. system? I have quite a few Reaper minis I use as a DM, and the Warlord book is pretty cheap. However I can't find many Youtube videos about how to play or build armies for it, and I'm wondering if the lack of content is an indicator that its not very good. Would love to get your perspective on it. Thanks!

  9. Brian Dirk Reply

    Great video.
    Several additional notes:
    – Dining Table print and Play is a YouTube Channel that talks about DIYing game components: from cards, to boards to boxes.
    They have a wonderful series of videos on tokens and how to make them .

    – Laser cutting is super easy, and may be more accessible / affordable in your area than you think. Look for "<your city name> hackerspace" or "<your city name> Makerspace" in Google. These are organizations that are like gym memberships.. but for tools. They often have laser cutters and 3D printers and vinyl cutters (3 great options for making tokens and gaming aids.). Municipal libraries are starting to fund such spaces as well.

  10. Tigirus Reply

    And here I thought gaming aids was something you got when you shared your army with someone without clear coating them first.

    For real though, I've always heard of them referred to as tokens or widgets.

  11. Rodney Krezek Reply

    I normally like to make eye contact when speaking or listening to a talker.
    But damn that DL-44 blaster exploded view T-Shirt was distracting…heh.
    Great vid. Looking forward to using Star Wars Legions upcoming Loot crate/Moisture vaporators expansion in Star Wars Imperial Assault instead of the cardboard cut outs.

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