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Get this PS4 Stuff!

Best accessories for your new PS4! Links! Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller – https://amzn.to/2BodkH8 Seagate PS4 Hard Drive -https://amzn.to/2rE5JQc PS4 …


41 thoughts on “Get this PS4 Stuff!

  1. Its Vytra Reply

    So is this ps4 or Xbox? Lmao its literally a Xbox model but Xbox players use weird controllers but the Xbox model ps4 controller is the best one hmm seems like bull to me😂

  2. Hijynx87 Reply

    I love the newer ps gold headset, I use it on my phone and switch a lot during smoke breaks. It works great on the ps3 wirelessly, which is why I got it =D

  3. James Fuck Reply

    No no no bro that gold ps4 headset sucks ass I have 2 of them the slim white one and the blue and back it’s bad like they make a noise that no one can hear besides your friends in the party and they said they can hear everything u do like if u were chewing on gum then they can hear it they can hear u drink

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