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Kontrol Freek FPS Freek Gaming Accessories Review

AmazYn Website: http://reflectzyn.com Kontrol Freek Website: http://www.kontrolfreek.com My complete Video Review of the Kontrol Freek and FPS Freek Speed …


26 thoughts on “Kontrol Freek FPS Freek Gaming Accessories Review

  1. Bellebub Reply

    If i wanna do some cool stuff with my friends, i usally play on 9-10 sensitivity. But every time i switch to that, i'm having a little trouble getting used to it, so do you think kontrol freeks will help me there?

  2. arCtiCvBi Reply

    @KommunistPanda 5+ is probably the range that I would say gets a little more MLG oriented. I like playing on a 4 sensitivity and I don't play CoD at a competitive level.

  3. arCtiCvBi Reply

    @Rulictar its not necessarily turning at 80mph or at very high speeds; with a slow turn controller even if you have your sensitivity on a low setting, it can turn "slower" than your setting. Again, for casual gamers its not that important, but in competitions your controller needs to turn at one consistent speed. Slow turn does not allow consistency regardless of a high "80mph" turn sensitivity or a lower one.

  4. arCtiCvBi Reply

    @gopherboy45 most xbox 360 controllers have slow turn. It just means that the horizontal and vertical axis don't turn at consistent speeds. I have several videos demonstrating slow turn. Most people don't notice, it's more of a complaint from the Major League Gaming community.

  5. Volunteer Exotics Reply

    Good video, never been a fan of any addons to thumbsticks though. I can see how the speed freak would come in handy if you played racing games competitively but I don't really like how the fps freak raises the stick so high. It would take me forever to get use to that lol.

  6. Doominated Reply

    The only thing the FPS freeks are useful for is the grip.

    I was using a set going on like 9 or 10 months. Just recently took them off and the controller feels so much smoother. I'd really recommend against them unless your hands are gargantuan :

    I also broke 3 controllers trying to take them off the first few days I had them. lol

  7. arCtiCvBi Reply

    @TheNSRyan Skyllus said this:

    For the two events I used them, I felt my Lancer, Pistol, and Sniper benefitted greatly from them. It is like playing on a sensitivity between Medium and High (quite a few pros switched to Medium L-Trigger speed by the end of the season for this reason). I felt my Torque and Shotgun suffered since both weapons required quick aiming instead of steady aiming (particularly since I twitch torqued. I ultimately removed them for Dallas since I always grabbed torque.

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