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Modern Accessories for Retro Gaming vol 1 – Game Sack

Episode 203 – So we’re looking at some accessories that are being made for your old consoles and we’re taking a look at a few clone consoles as well!


26 thoughts on “Modern Accessories for Retro Gaming vol 1 – Game Sack

  1. Gareth Beaton Reply

    Whats best way to play 3do mdcd psx mane neogeo for psx clasic not a play box 7000 + game ive bort 3 naw thay Just stopt werking true blue werks all day long thanks for any help if you bild them usb ile buy it man

  2. emen3y Reply

    great video !!
    i really like the stickers on your flashcarts! did you made them yourselfes or is it possible to buy them somewhere ?
    would like mine look as dangerous as yours xD

  3. ciredark Reply

    β€œWhat sounds better?: This?…..”
    <terrible noise plays>
    β€œ….or, this?”
    <equally horrible noise happens>
    Me:……. I dunno man, they’re both pretty bad..

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