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Retro Gaming Accessories at E3 2018! | Nintendrew

Didn’t get a chance to see E3 for yourself? I’ve got you covered! Check out some of the coolest upcoming retro gaming products showcased at this year’s E3 …


49 thoughts on “Retro Gaming Accessories at E3 2018! | Nintendrew

  1. Evan Schulz Reply

    Wait joker was in the Nintendo booth the whole time. And guess what joker from persona 5 joins the roster. And other game shown in that booth is confirmed for smash

  2. The 1-Up_Triforce Reply

    that snes converter is for dingussses I really hope no one is sucker enough to buy that crap all you gotta do is snap a plastic peg in your cartridge slot and boom region free console nice try my arcade but you cant fool me.

  3. hbarudi Reply

    Ultraboy? that is an interesting thing to see, hope it does things very well with backlight color screen and everything a gameboy color needs to be a very good modernized system, don't know about its price, but the backlight display is a big seller on this especially if it can play all gameboy color titles including pokemon and the trading in pokemon. All what is left is for hyperkin to make the N64 portable.

  4. Pizzachu22 Reply

    I saw a video detailing 8bitdo's booth, and they had interesting things like a sega genesis/gamecube/n64 n30 pro 2, and a gameboy sf30 pro/pro+ (basically the sf30 pro but with playstation-esque handles)

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