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Peaceful & Atmospheric Video Games Music Vol. 2 (3 hours)

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20 thoughts on “Peaceful & Atmospheric Video Games Music Vol. 2 (3 hours)

  1. Summon256 Reply

    Summoner – Temple Of Urath, Colony Wars Vengeance – Echo Of Space, Duke Nukem (Saturn Version Only!) – Plasma, Resident Evil 3 – Free From Fear, Exhumed (Aka Powerslave) – Amun Mines, Unreal – Chizra, Unreal – Dusk Horizon, Tomb Raider – Classic Tomb Raider Main Theme, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee – Scarabania…these are the most atmospheric slow ambient peaces i've ever heard! Seriously try these! Skyrim – Secunda is also melodic catchy tune…Also not sure if these are qualified as slow ambient tracks, but check out Deus Ex (Classic One!) – NYC Streets and UNATCO (from the same game!), Castlevania Symphony Of The Night – Crystal Teardrops (This one is simply mesmerizing!), Summoner – Ikaemos Swamp, Summoner – Main Menu Theme, Summoner – Khosani Labyrinth, Summoner – Wolong Cave (Also great! Has the same desolate/desperate lonely feel about it, just like Free From Fear of Resident Evil!), Exhumed/Powerslave – Karnak and Karnak Sanctuary! Also try some Sim City 2000 tracks from PSX version!

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