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Top 10 Best Rhythm/Music Games – snomaN Gaming

Music has always been important to me, so doing a list of musically driven games was a no brainer! Enjoy! Intro song by AdhesiveWombat …


47 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Rhythm/Music Games – snomaN Gaming

  1. SadNavi Reply

    Geometry dash and osu should have been on the list. The creativity of gd, there are everyday made a f tone of new levels, u can do ur own, the game syncs 100% exactly with the music,
    And osu and geometry dash are just amazing

  2. Nini Cookie Reply

    these aren't what i was expecting when i was looking for rhythm games… was looking more for something similar to the game modes in osu, that actually need you to feel the rhythm of a song and click buttons or something with it .w.

  3. Dani Shira Reply

    the video is close to 5 years old but as a rhythm games player I really feel the need to say that half of these just have good OST and their music has nothing to do with gameplay, just a mess of a list (also, I think 140 had way more than 3 levels since release, like 8 or so)

  4. darkstorrm123 Reply

    Most of these are non rythem based lol osu and like hatsunemiku maybe you should look at those more instead of trying to make a video that has nothing at all to do with rythem lol

  5. Alex Bessette Reply

    At least crypt of the necrodancer is in this its a game that I've never played before that looks awesome but challenging because of moving to the beat but yet fun. it gets me hype for cadence of hyrule even though ive never played crypt of the necrodancer before

  6. Mari Reply

    No DDR OR Guitar Hero??? 🤔 Title should be "Top 10 Musically Driven Games" , not "Rhythm/Music." Title is deceiving and click bait. Why not use the title you already said?

  7. La- p0Z Reply

    OSU just shape and beat all rayark game maimai chunithm stepmania all forking japan rhythm arcade game bang Dream lovelive all rhythm frikin arcade game like those are shit tier rhythm game

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